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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Scientific Proof of Christ’s Resurrection In Upcoming; Documentary -- The Case for Christ’s Resurrection
Grizzly Adams Acquires Rights to Two Books for TV/DVD Documentary on Christ’s Resurrection and Releases TV Book Version (Bridge-Logos) of the Show

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LOVELAND, CO (ANS) -- Science and religion have often had opposing views over interpreting evidence on faith issues. But now, science is playing a key role in important new discoveries about the life and death of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago.

The new Grizzly Adams® Productions documentary, The Case for Christ’s Resurrection, reveals a number of new discoveries about Christ’s death and resurrection that help to substantiate, through scientific evidence, the Resurrection story millions of Christians have always known to be true. This fascinating story of religious history supported by scientific inquiry assembles formidable findings based on expert investigation and space-age technical analysis.

“The world has long demanded solid proof of the existence of Christ, His death and resurrection,” says the documentary’s senior producer David Balsiger. “Now the evidence is here—including the ability to view the world’s first scientific three-dimensional holographic image of the face of Christ.”

Grizzly Adams Productions, producers of family friendly network TV shows, specials, and documentaries, announced it has acquired the TV/DVD rights to two books for the new documentary. The TV Special/DVD is based in part on Resurrected: Tangible Evidence That Jesus Rose from the Dead by Gilbert R. LaVoie, M.D. (Ave Maria Press), and The Shroud of Turin: An Adventure in Discovery by Mary and Alan Whanger, M.D. (Providence House). The production will also use research information from a third book, The Case for Christ’s Resurrection written by Grizzly Adams Productions executives David W. Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier (Bridge-Logos).

“There is growing proof that the events depicted in the Gospel accounts are true, with more evidence being revealed regularly, thanks to modern research, analysis and scientific advances,” notes Dr. Gary Habermas, research professor and chair of the department of theology at Liberty University, who is also interviewed in the show. “Science, combined with written descriptions—by non-Christians—of the events of Jesus’ life and death, make it clear that Christian beliefs are grounded in fact.”

“This new production examines key evidence, including details of the Resurrection account in the context of modern medical science, information about the missing body from the tomb, and reports of Jesus being seen alive after His death on the cross,” notes Sharon Dymmel, the show’s writer and producer.

“There were at least 500 eyewitnesses in and around Jerusalem who actually saw or talked with Jesus after His Resurrection. Beyond the Bible, there are more than 20 non-Christian sources written between 30 and 130 A.D. that refer to Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure. Twelve mention His death and provide details on how He died. Ten of these refer to His Resurrection,” explains Balsiger.

Jewish historian Josephus, as well as Cornelius Tacitus, the most important Roman historian of the first century, are among the many who provided written documentation on the life of Jesus, and the key beliefs of early Christians, in the years just following the Resurrection.

“Some say Jesus did not rise from the dead, but that His body was stolen by His disciples. However, He was such a threat to the authorities; His body was guarded by 16 Roman guard soldiers, with at least four always on duty. This was in addition to the large stone—likely weighing two tons—with the governor’s seal that was not to be broken, punishable by death,” explains Dymmel. “Some say Jesus was not dead, and He moved the stone Himself—but even if He were barely alive, there would be no way a single man could move such a massive stone.”

This Grizzly Adams Productions program will also explore the mysteries surrounding an ancient shroud believed to be the burial cloth of Christ—known as the Shroud of Turin. The show will examine numerous theories about its origin from various scientific disciplines including chemistry, quantum physics, and microscopy. The documentary will also allow viewers to see the world’s first scientific three-dimensional holographic image of the face of Christ, produced by Dutch scientists in Amsterdam.

“Many Christians believe that the shroud is the cloth that was wrapped around Christ’s body when He was placed in a tomb in Jerusalem 2000 years ago,” notes Dymmel. “To them, the imprint on the cloth is the sacred image of Christ that was projected onto the cloth when He rose from the dead. Today, with quantum leaps forward in science, we are learning that a whole new realm of physics may also be related to the shroud.”

The shroud is a piece of ancient linen cloth 14 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet 7 inches wide. It contains a negative image of a man who appears to have been severely beaten and crucified. The front and back of the man’s body are imprinted on the burial cloth. By using laser technology, two-dimensional photographic negatives of the image become anatomically accurate three-dimensional holograms of a man. Identifying this man and discovering the process that created such a scientifically advanced image of a human body thousands of years ago has captivated scientists and scholars for centuries.

Particle physicist Isabel Piczek thinks the image was created in an infinitesimally small fraction of a second. Piczek says, “The image may have been created by a complex process arising as Christ’s body passed from one form of existence into another.” She notes that it may be “Something akin to the Big Bang, but at the opposite end of the creation continuum—a portal opens into a new science and eventually into a new form of human existence.”

Scientists from every discipline have studied the mysterious image. Some, like the Whangers, have devoted their lives to it. All agree that it wasn’t created by ordinary means—it has been conclusively proven that the image was not drawn and it was not painted. Most agree, however, that it was somehow transferred onto the cloth.

Forensic scientists and chemists have determined that the bloodstains on the shroud are real human blood and contain DNA. Botanists and palynologists have identified pollen grains on the shroud fibers as coming from various plants, some of which grow only within the immediate vicinity of Jerusalem. Other images on the shroud—flower blossoms and an identifiable coin on each eye (both Pontius Pilate widow’s mite coins minted in 29 A.D.)—have been examined in microscopic detail.

Unlocking the mysteries of the shroud is a difficult and tedious process. Access to the shroud has been very limited. It was kept under lock and key for centuries, and was officially willed to the Vatican in 1983 by Umberto II, the last King of Italy. However, it had been preserved in the Turin Cathedral in Turin, Italy, since 1578.

Although, the Vatican has been supportive of efforts to verify the origins of the shroud—because of its theological significance and historical ramifications—the church has proceeded with extreme caution. In 1988, church officials gave small samples of the shroud to three independent laboratories to scientifically determine its age using the Carbon-14 dating technique. But, as often occurs with such testing, the studies only stirred up more controversy.

Even though the three labs each determined that the cloth was 600-700 years old dating to about 1350 A.D., the Grizzly Adams show will reveal new scientific evidence that proves the C-14 test was in fact performed on a rewoven and patched area of the shroud after a fire destroyed portions of the burial cloth in 1532. The C-14 date is accurate for the patch—but not the shroud.

The TV documentary DVD version, containing extended interviews and additional historic and holographic-footage not included in the TV documentary, is scheduled to release during Easter 2007, while the TV Special will air on Christian networks/stations through broadcast license agreements. Authentic three-dimensional viewing glasses will be included with each DVD.

About the Books

The Case for Christ’s Resurrection, by Charles E. Sellier and David W. Balsiger (Bridge-Logos), investigates the historical record, draws upon medical knowledge, searches for evidence in the lives of the Apostles, explores ancient Jewish burial customs, and—with new scientific technologies—examines the 2,000-year-old burial cloth of Christ. For the first time, through physics and space-age imaging, scientists are able to view the crucified body of Christ in a three-dimensional holographic image. Learn what scientists have discovered, and strengthen your faith.

Resurrected: Tangible Evidence That Jesus Rose from the Dead, by Gilbert R. LaVoie, M.D. (Ave Maria Press), reveals the message of the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. Dr. LaVoie studied the Shroud of Turin for more than 20 years, and brings startling new scientific information to light that shows how the cloth points to the Resurrection of Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin: An Adventure of Discovery, by Mary and Alan Whanger (Providence House), is the story of two skeptics who stumbled upon the Shroud of Turin by accident and became so enthralled with the story that they ended up devoting their lives to the study of it. Using scientific methodology and advanced image processing and photography techniques, they put the shroud under a virtual microscope and discovered a wealth of information. They discovered the shroud contains not only the image of a crucified man; it also contains images of coins and flowers. Once skeptics, the Whangers are now completely convinced that the shroud and the objects captured on it all point to the same place and time—Jerusalem, 2000 years ago.

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