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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Suspected Murder of Iranian-Christian Asylum Seeker in Holland

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

HOLLAND (ANS) -- The body of a reportedly murdered Iranian asylum seeker from Oisterwijk in the Brabant District of Holland, has been found.

The Iranian asylum seeker who was reportedly murdered

According to a story by the Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN), the body was found on Feb. 18.

FCNN said according to Dutch TV, police have declined to name the victim for security and privacy reasons. No other information about the individual has been released.

FCNN said it is aware of the man’s identity.

FCNN said eye witnesses reported seeing the 43-year-old Iranian between 8.30 and 9 p.m. leaving an area bus stop in southern Holland. He was carrying two heavy bags and going toward the refugee camp, about a 10 minute walk.

Less than 90 minutes later, around 10 p.m., his body was found on the pavement close to the camp.

FCNN said two days later the Dutch newspaper “Nederland Dagblad” announced that the alleged murder victim was a Christian convert with a Muslim background, and a frequent visitor at a church in the city of Noardburgum.

FCNN reported that a church member told a reporter the victim had been a regular visitor for 18 months, attending Sunday services and Bible studies.

FCNN said the victim had gone to church the afternoon he was killed. He said goodbye to friends there, because his asylum request had been accepted and he was about to be rehoused in another part of Holland.

FCNN commented, “The shocking news of this senseless murder has brought grief and sorrow to the local Christians, Iranian-Christian community, and asylum seekers across the country.”

FCNN said Christians constitute a large percentage of the Iranians seeking asylum in Holland.

Jeremy Reynalds is Senior Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service, a freelance writer and also the founder and CEO of Joy Junction, New Mexico's largest emergency homeless shelter, He has a master's degree in communication from the University of New Mexico, and a Ph.D. in intercultural education from Biola University in Los Angeles. His newest book is "Homeless in the City."

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