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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Rotten Banana Awards: There Will Be Divine Judgment!
Movieguide® Names ‘There Will Be Blood’ as Worst, Most Anti-Christian Movie of 2007; Also Picks ‘Golden Compass,’ ‘Sweeney Todd,’ Charlie Wilson’s War,’ ‘Sicko,’ ‘Redacted,’ ‘Hostel: Part II,’ and ‘Superbad’

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HOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS) -- Movieguide®, a family guide to movies and entertainment founded in 1985 by media literacy teacher and pundit Dr. Ted Baehr, has picked Oscar® contender “There Will Be Blood” as the worst, most anti-Christian “Rotten Banana” of the 2007 film season.

“‘There Will Be Blood’” has one of the worst, most superficial stereotype of Christian preachers ever put on film,” Dr. Baehr said. “The acting in this movie is highly over-rated. It’s much easier to play a villain like Daniel Day-Lewis’s character than to play a hero, as Will Smith does so effectively in ‘I Am Legend,’ one of the best movies of the year.”

Movieguide® gave its Unbearable Rotten Banana Awards to 20 movies, including Oscar® contenders “Sweeney Todd,” “Charlie Wilson’s War” and Michael Moore’s “Sicko,” which received the Snake Oil Huckster Award for the Worst Liberal Propaganda in 2007.

“This year, there were a lot of movies attacking the United States military or American values, including ‘There Will Be Blood,’” Dr. Baehr said, “The Good News is that these movies didn’t make much money, especially negative, anti-heroic movies like ‘Redacted,’ ‘Lions for Lambs’ and ‘In the Valley of Elah.’”

Dr. Baehr noted that Movieguide® celebrated the best movies of the year at its 16th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry on Feb. 12 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. At the Gala, Movieguide® presented its famous Teddy Bear and Papa Bear Awards for Excellence to the Best Family Film in 2007, which was “Ratatouille,” and the Best Film for Mature Audiences in 2007, which was “Amazing Grace.”

Below is a list of the Most Unbearable Rotten Bananas, with their award categories:

The Anti-Christian Bowling Award THERE WILL BE BLOOD Worst Anti-Christian Stereotype
The Trashing Teenagers Award SUPERBAD Worst Comedy Aimed at Youth
The Audience Torture Award HOSTEL: PART II Worst Sadomasochism
The Waiting for Judgment Day Award THE TEN Worst Anti-Semitic Blasphemy
The Hugh Heffner Frankenstein Award GOOD LUCK CHUCK Worst Sexual Insanity
The Satan’s Kitchen Award SWEENEY TODD Worst Cannibalism
The Idiots for Life Award KNOCKED UP Worst Vulgar Romance
The Pathetic Perversion Award LUST, CAUTION Worst Sadistic Sex
The Osama Bin Laden Award LIONS FOR LAMBS Worst Anti-Americanism
The Reviling American GIs Award REDACTED Worst Anti-Military Stereotypes
The Snake Oil Huckster Award SICKO Worst Liberal Propaganda
The Fools Gold Award THE GOLDEN COMPASS Worst Atheist Role Model
The Real Dark Ages Award ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Worst LSD Trip
The Unhappy Nymphomaniac Award 2 DAYS IN PARIS Worst Immoral Art
The Greedy Guru Award MILAREPA: MAGICIAN, MURDERER, SAINT Worst Tibetan Revenge Story
The Friendly Witch Award HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX Worst Anti-Biblical Rebellion
The Et Tu Brutus Directing Award CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR Worst Historical Fiction
The Sodom & Gomorrah Award I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY Worst Gender Bending Fantasy
The Uncle Joe Stalin Award THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY Worst Communist Propaganda
The Senseless Stupidity Award EPIC MOVIE Worst Vulgar Satire

Movieguide® is “dedicated to redeeming the values of the entertainment industry according to biblical principles by influencing industry executives and filmmakers and by informing and equipping the public, including parents with children and people of faith and values.”

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