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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wayne Jacobsen shares God’s love at Hope Builders International

By Bill Dolack
Special to ASSIST News Service

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA (ANS) -- “When you think about how God loves us, how can you not want to give that away to others?”

Wayne Jacobsen

Wayne Jacobsen, collaborator with William P. Young on the New York Times best-seller The Shack, shared this foundational truth with a group of believers at Hope Builders International, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gathered in what at one time had been the ballroom of the former Maxwell family (of Maxwell coffee fame) lodge, the group was treated to an inside look at starting a journey that allows God to take you where He wants to go . . . wherever that may be.

“I don’t know everything,” Jacobson admitted. “There’s a lot God’s still unfolding in my life. I’m just a brother on a journey.”

Jacobsen appeared at Hope Builders through another local ministry, Expeditions of the Heart, headed up by Jeff Andrechyn. The talk – one of five scheduled here over the weekend of October 25-26 – drew folks from as far away as Texas.

The day of humor and insight centered on God’s incredible love for us

“Jesus looks out on the world saying, ‘There they are, harassed and helpless, without a Shepherd,’” Jacobsen said. “He came to love us out of a world of brokenness.”

Jacobsen talked about the difference between religion and being a follower of Christ.

“Being a follower of Christ and a practitioner of Christianity are two different realities,” he noted. “I don’t think Jesus Christ came to earth to start a religion called Christianity. He came to subvert our human need for all religion.”

Religion, Jacobsen said, is trying to earn God’s approval by our own efforts.

There were quite a few questions and comments about The Shack.

The book’s impact has been phenomenal, according to Jacobsen. He said a typical email he receives from an atheist who had read The Shack goes like this: “If I felt God was like this at all, I would want to meet this God.”

“The thing about The Shack,” he added, “is the different image of God it portrays.”

Jacobsen said a Spanish version of The Shack is coming out soon. The recently released Portuguese version is now the number one selling book in Brazil.

For more information about Wayne Jacobsen, who also wrote So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, visit Hope Builders International’s website is Expeditions of the Heart can be found at

Bill Dolack is a freelance writer based in Waynesboro, VA, and the author of two books: Forgotten Foot-Soldiers on the Frontier of Independence (a local history book) and Destiny (a novel).

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