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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hospice Chaplains and Bereavement Counselors Love Free Book Resource

By Michael Ireland
Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

RICHLAND HILLS, TX (ANS) -- Twenty five years ago, professional counselor, Dr. Joel Freeman wrote a bestselling book, with an intriguing title, "God Is Not Fair."

Dr. Joel Freeman

“The book was birthed out of an intensely painful period that lasted a few years in the early 1980s -- sponsoring more haunting questions than answers,” Freeman told ANS.

“I ‘journaled’ my way through that dark time, discovering creative concepts, spiritual insights and humor that seemed to connect much later with other people honestly wrestling with similar issues and questions. The book was published and many readers let me know that the book had benefited them during some very difficult times,” he said.

Freeman described how in 2009, both his father (Arthur, 91) and mother (Katherine, 90) died within 33 days of each other in Vancouver.

“Even though I have been a licensed professional counselor for years, helping many walk through their grief, the ‘one-two’ punch of losing both parents so close together, threw me for a loop. I experienced a blue funk for 3-4 months afterwards. The dark cloud disappeared one day and I cannot even give you a tidy little A-B-C formula as to how it happened. It was a breakthrough. Later (in early 2011), I engaged in the therapeutic process of updating and expanding this book.”

Freeman says that based upon the wide range of responses from around the world -- transcending race, ethnicity, generation, gender and culture -- he is hopeful that readers will view this book as a resource for people who are asking the same questions addressed by this book.

Written in a highly readable and thought-provoking style, Freeman addressed some of the following questions:

**If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in the world?
**Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?
**Why do evil people seem to prosper?
**Why does life have to hurt so much?
**Why do terrible things seem to happen to nice people?
**Why does life have to hurt so much?
**Isn't there an easier way to grow?
**Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?

Cover artwork for God is Not Fair

The book (now in 21 languages, 400,000+ copies in print) has been

endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Billy Graham, Dr. Paul Meier, and many others -- prompting a lot of feedback from individuals and families around the world who have lost loved ones and/or have experienced personal pain brought on by the unfairness of life.

Fast forward to 2011.

The updated and expanded 25th Anniversary Hospice edition (192 pages) of "God Is Not Fair: Making Sense of Loss and Grief" was launched at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) conference in Washington, DC earlier in 2011.

Dr. Freeman and National HME (Dallas, TX) have joined forces to offer this special hospice edition and are excited about the way this book can be utilized to provide a different thought process for people who have experienced loss and grief.

Freeman stated, "Dealing with pain, loss and suffering is a messy process. Predictably unpredictable. Smarmy, flowery responses do not work, especially during tough times...generally only serving to drive people into deeper disillusionment."

He goes on to say that "God Is Not Fair" is a book that will connect with readers right where they are hurting.

Here is one reader's response: “In the midst of a very terrible time in my life, I stumbled across God Is Not Fair. It blew me away. I have read many, many books on suffering and dealing with life's tragedies. This one is different in that it does not simply regurgitate the standard pat answers to why suffering exists and what to do when it happens...Joel Freeman avoids preachy, sanctimonious language and never gets condescending. I received practical strategies for dealing with not only suffering and grief but the accompanying feelings of unfairness and ‘God's absence’ that go along with those feelings. My faith in God was strengthened by my having read this book.”

Just like this reader, many family members who have experienced the loss of a loved one will want to read this book.

Freeman is making a special offer to Hospice chaplains and bereavement counselors who now have the unique opportunity to receive FREE review copies of "God Is Not Fair: Making Sense of Loss and Grief."

Freeman stated: “Plus, if you select this book as one of the many follow-up resources you offer to families in grief, we can arrange to have as many copies as you need now or in the future. There's no obligation on your part. This truly is a free gift with no strings attached! Go to the website, letting us know how many review copies you will require, your contact info, and where to ship them -- .”

The president and founder of National HME (George Robertson) said, "Dr. Freeman has graciously offered his book to share with you through our company, National HME. We understand that the recent loss of your loved one has left an empty part in your heart and I believe that the words in the book will challenge you, help you understand your feelings and allow you to continue on the journey that you have been called to. It will allow you the opportunity to reconnect and stand on solid ground and comfort you."
Hospice chaplain and grief counselors are being asked to review the book to determine its viability as a resource for hurting families.

“Just when you think the book is finished, there are several appendices that are definitely worth reading. The first is ‘The Paradoxical Commandments’ by Kent Keith,” Freeman said.

“The second is a long list of quotes, which are both humorous and insightful. The third is a comparison between justice/mercy vs. fairness. The fourth is a biblical survey of suffering. The fifth is a list of Bible verses that are helpful in dealing with thoughts of God's ‘unfairness.’"

Freeman said the bottom line is that FREE review copies are waiting and available for any hospice chaplain and bereavement counselor in the United States.

He said: “If, after reviewing the book, the contents of the book do not seem to work for you -- just chalk it up to another free book. Please forward this invitation to a family member or friend working in the hospice industry who can make use of this unusual offer. Go to the website to understand how to order as many review copies needed.”

Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. --  -- is a professional speaker and corporate trainer. He is a serial entrepreneur,rolific writer, and motivational consultant/mentor to pro athletes and CEOs.

Freeman also describes himself as an off-key singer and extremely bad dancer. As the veteran chaplain of the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards (’79-’98), he is also the co-author of the book and award-winning film, "Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man" --  .

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