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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pakistani Christians condemn NATO Attacks

By Michael Ireland
Senior International Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

TOBA TEK SINGH, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- Christians from the city of Toba Tek Singh have condemned the killings of citizens by NATO forces in Pakistan.

A mourning prayer service was organized for 26 Pakistani security personnel killed in a battle with NATO forces last week.

Sign at prayer service condemning NATO killing of Pakstani troops.
(Photo by Ahsan Sadaqat)

Christians in Toba Tek Singh including kids, youth and older people came from different areas to District Office of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) to join the mourning prayer service.

One of the organizers of the prayer service, Ashfaq Fateh, welcomed those who attended the prayer.

He said, “Pakistan has been scarifying its own people since the war on terror has been launched, however drone attacks killing civilians and security personnel is enhancing anger against NATO.

“The government of Pakistan has lost the support of people over the war on terror. The recent NATO strikes at Pak Army’s Salala Check Post of Baye Zie Tehsil bordering Afghanistan have created unrest in the country.

“Countrywide mourning and protests have been broken out. Christians of Toba Tek Singh deeply grieved over the killings of Pak Army’ personnel and stand united with the nation.”

During the prayer service, Rev. Fr. Simon Khurshid, parish priest of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, prayed for the Pakistan Army’s personnel killed in the air strikes and their families. He prayed that God would bless all those who serve the nation to protect it from the militants.

Pastor Victor, Founder of Grace Bible Church, prayed for peace and security in the country. He asked for God’s help to fill the Pakistani nation with the spirit of tolerance, love, hope and service and for lasting peace in the country.

Pastor B. M. Ehtasham, founder Lovers of Christ Ministries Pakistan, remembered the families who lost their sons in the air strikes and prayed that that God would give them the power to bear the loss of their loved ones. He also prayed for the leadership of the country to make wise decisions at this difficult time.

Christians of Toba Tek Singh lit candles during prayer service.
(Photo by Ahsan Sadaqat)

Youth leader Johnson Gill said: “We have been taught to mourn and protest peacefully. We do not believe in taking revenge or a burning flags of other nations. We condemn the killings wherever it happens because we believe in fullness of life.”

Rasheed Jalal, District President PML N (minorities) reminded the Christians that God has promised the Crown of Life for those who remain faithful until death, and that God commands us to remain faithful to Him and their country.

Ch. Amjid Ali Javed, District President PML N, thanked the Christian brothers for taking the lead to organize a peaceful mourning.

The mourners lit candles and remained silent to express solidarity with the Pakistan Army and reiterated their commitment to promote peace and harmony in the country.


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