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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korean books featured at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair

By Dr. Paul Lee
Special to ASSIST News Service

Delegates at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (ANS) -- The Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest of its kind, which ran from October 10 to 14, 2012, drew publishers and authors from around the world.

The event is known to be the most important event worldwide for negotiating international publishing rights and licensing fees.

Among the books featured in the Korean pavilion of books from Korea, were German translated books by international theologian, Dr. Jaerock Lee, senior pastor of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Lee’s translated books included “Heaven(1,2)”, “Hell”, “The Message of the Cross”, and “Tasting Eternal Life Before Death”.

The display of Dr. Jaerock Lee's books in German

Author Dr. Lee was named as one of the top 10 most influential Christian leaders in both 2009 and 2010 by In Victory (, a leading Christian portal site in Russian-speaking countries and the Christian Telegraph (, a Christian portal site in English-speaking countries.

In his book, Heaven(2), Dr. Jaerock Lee discusses that the combination of the twelve precious stones represents the heart of Jesus Christ and God, the culmination of love and examines the twelve precious stones and their spiritual significances.

They were: Jasper: Spiritual Faith; Sapphire: Uprightness and Integrity; Chalcedony: Innocence and Sacrificial Love; Emerald: Righteousness and Cleanliness; Sardonyx: Spiritual Faithfulness; Sardius: Passionate Love, Chrysolite: Mercy; Beryl: Patience; Topaz: Spiritual Goodness; Chrysoprasus: Self-control; Jacinth: Purity and Holiness, and finally, Amethyst: Beauty and Gentleness.

Paige Lovitt for Reader Views in USA, says, “I found ‘Heaven 2’ to be highly enlightening and motivating. I really enjoyed learning about the special spiritual meanings of gem stones. This was something very new for me. ‘Heaven 2' by Reverend Dr. Jaerock Lee is the perfect book to help motivate a person to stay on their spiritual path, especially if they follow a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Wilko Mueller (Cornelius GmbH, Germany) (L)
and Dr. Paul Lee (R)

“I highly recommend it and also think it would make a perfect gift. Church groups would also enjoy reading and discussing it.”

As the Urim Books' delegate to Germany, I was able to discuss partnership with the German publisher Cornelius in book publishing in his country.

Urim means "light" in Hebrew, and Urim Books has spread the gospel to the people of the whole world through Korean and multilingual book publication since its founding. Through Christian books the publication ministry serves as a great tool for the ministry in that a book is not a momentary experience because we can receive much grace by reading them anytime and repeatedly.

Urim Books is an international member of ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) and KPA (Korean Publishers Association).

Dr. Paul Lee lives in Frankfurt, Germany and can be contacted at

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