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Monday, December 10, 2012

Critics blame Pacquiao’s loss to his ’born-again’ conversion

By Noel Tarrazona
Special to ASSIST News Service

MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES (ANS) -- Net users on a number of social sites have blamed Manny Pacquiao’s “born-again” conversion as being the cause of his defeat when he fought his boxing opponent Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 8.

Manny hits the canvas
(Photo: Getty Images)

Manny Pacquiao was knocked out as the sixth round ended, putting the Filipino superstar on the canvas.

“On a night when a star-studded crowd that included Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney, Dodgers owner Magic Johnson and hip hop star 50 Cent were seated at ringside at the sold-out MGM Grand Garden, Juan Manuel Marquez delivered the best performance of his career,” wrote Kevin Iole, an award-winning veteran sportswriter for Yahoo! Sports.

“Pacquiao had missed a right and Marquez used his specialty, the counter right hand, to close the show.”

Early this year, Pacquiao announced to the media that he was already a “born again Christian” and declared publicly that “the old Manny Pacquiao is gone.”

In his 61st professional fight on Saturday night, Pacquiao for the first time did not make the usual sign of the cross and some observers attributed his upset loss to the Mexican world champion boxer by turning his back on the Catholic faith.

One Facebook user, Len Magaling, said, “Next time don’t forget to pray your rosary. See what happens when you turn from the Catholic faith.”

Resty Tiu also commented on Yahoo social site said, “In his entire career this is his most embarrassing fight because he did not pray the rosary and this was a lesson to him from Mama Mary.”

However, born-again Christians and protestant community leaders in the Philippines stood united in enlightening net critics about Pacquiao’s defeat.

One Facebook friend Ana Abanico replied to their post, “Our Lord has a purpose for everything. [Saying the] rosary will not save you. I’m sorry, but this is true.”

A Cebu-based Facebook account user, J.P. Villegas said, “A man's character isn't built up through just winning fights and good times. It's during these trying times when all odds are against you, when you get to grow in character and be not only a better boxer but a better person of GREAT Character.” Villegas is the ministry Head for Young Adults of Citi Church, one of the biggest young adult churches in Cebu.

In another Facebook account posting, Pastor Leo Labaton of the Wesleyan Church and a former missionary of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) said, “Life has its ups and downs... Manny is a sportsman and he is not a god, he is not invincible... Through this loss, he will still glorify God and more people will be brought to the Savior's feet.”

Rolly Pellingon, vice chairman of the Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM) which is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance also added, “He knocked out many opponents who did the sign of the cross in the past. And he also lost some fights where he did the sign of the cross. He just got careless while Marquez was overly careful. That was all there was to it.”

Ring Magazine has named Pacquiao as the world’s pound for pound best boxer after holding eight division championship titles. He defeated top boxing champions including five division champion Oscar De La Hoya, Marco Antonio Barrera and Puerto Rican boxing star Miguel Cotto.

Noel Tarrazona is a permanent resident (immigrant) based in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently doing humanitarian development and journalism in Southern Philippines and can be contacted at:


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