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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bulloch Family Ranch

By Janey DeMeo
Special to ASSIST News Service

VISTA, CA (ANS) -- Bulloch Family Ranch, an inspiring new reality show, premieres this week on UPtv, and you don’t want to miss it.

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Unlike many reality shows, which tend to look contrived and staged, Bulloch Family Ranch is a real place and features a real family who live on their ranch in Florida. Their ranch home is a hub of activity reflecting what it means to show love to those in need.

Parents of two grown children—and grandparents—Rusty and Julie Bulloch do not limit their love and nurturing skills, nor their home, just for their own. They pour their lives into teens in difficulty—and have provided a home for some 25 kids over the years, helping get them through high school and beyond. Kids such as Davin who presently lives with the Bullochs and their son, Brodie, are given a second chance at the Bulloch Family Ranch.

Says Julie Bulloch, “I don’t know how we got our first kid. It just seemed natural. Some kids just need a hug…I believe everyone deserves a second chance.” With horses, land, family love, mentoring, purposeful living, the Bulloch Family Ranch provides a great atmosphere for kids to get that second chance... I want this show to inspire people to give their time, even it is only an hour, to encourage and mentor young people. Not everyone is able to open up their homes, but everyone can open up their hearts.”

The Bullochs are multi-taskers with big hearts. Rusty is a farrier and a coach whose impact on kids is huge. Julie is a high-energy mama with many skills, which she uses to juggle several jobs. Brodie has followed his parents’ footsteps and is all in with regards to their ministry to teens. Their daughter, Amanda Masek, lives nearby with her husband and baby, and is equally involved. These young people grew up sharing their parents with whomever God sent their way—and learned, as the Bible teaches, that it is greater to give than to receive.

But if you get the impression this series is about a family of saints, you’re wrong. The Bullochs are an ordinary family with struggles and weaknesses like anyone else. At times, when difficulties seem insurmountable, or fatigue takes over, raw frustration peaks. But at the center of this show is a sense of purpose clearly driven by faith in God.

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UPtv ( is based in Atlanta and provides excellent uplifting family entertainment. UP can be seen on most major cable networks. Look for Bulloch Family Ranch – reality TV at its best.

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Janey DeMeo is founder and director of Orphans First -- a nonprofit organization helping suffering children around the world. She is also an author and speaker. Her husband, Louis, is a church-planter, mentor and pastor. They were formerly missionaries to France for 22 years and also worked in developing countries. They are now based in Southern California where they continue their ministry mentoring people to walk closer to Jesus. They both taught at the Calvary Chapel Bible College. For more information, please check out:

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