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Thursday, October 10, 2013

South Korea hosts Asia’s largest book festival in Paju (Please use this version)

By Joseph Park
Special to ASSIST News Service

PAJU, SOUTH KOREA (ANS) -- Paju Book City, home to some 300 local publishing houses in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, has held its annual book-themed festival, focusing on Asian literature and authors.

PaJju Booksori 2013 Emblem

Dubbed “Paju Booksori,” the festival celebrated its third edition this year. The event, which opened September 28, 2013, included lectures, performances and exhibitions, featuring authors and publishers from home and abroad.

South Korea president Park Geun-hye visited the book festival to show her support for the book event where she met with publishers and encouraged officials to promote the nation's content industry.

Participants from 15 Asian countries and visitors were able to browse books, e-Books, and listen audiobooks and much more.

The Kyobo Mungo, which is the largest book store chain in South Korea, specialized e-books in its digital library booth with Sam service. “Sam” is a membership-based e-book service launched by Kyobo this year, accessible to the buyers of the company's own e-book reader.

Dr. Jaerock Lee's “Heaven(1)” shown on the Sam eBook reader

While the visitors were browsing the e-book reader Sam, they could find South Korean bestselling author and evangelist Dr. Jaerock Lee's eBooks which are available through in Korean, English and Japanese including the books “My Life, My Faith”, “Heaven”, “Hell”, “Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit”, and “Spirit, Soul, and Body” etc.

The Korean version of “My Life, My Faith”, “Heaven”, “Hell”, and “Spirit, Soul and Body” have been the bestsellers in the religion section of Kyobo Bookstore.

Three British authors, including Tim Bowler, who is best known for his novel “River Boy”, also participated in the event.

This year’s Paju Booksori ran until October 6 in a number of venues in Paju.

Paju Book City is a national industrial complex in Paju, South Korea. It is unique that the city was designated as a cluster of publishing houses by the government. From the beginning, the city had a vision to combine all the processes of planning, design, printing, logistics, and distribution as a one-stop process, and it has now become its own state.

The city is located just south of Panmunjom on the 38th parallel, where many US and Korean army bases are set up to defend the South Korean capital, Seoul.

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