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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Beautiful Gallows Release 7” Vinyl for Static Radio Fundraiser

By Brian Nixon
Special to ASSIST News Service

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (ANS) -- Spec, guitarist, engineer, and mastermind behind Southwestern Goth band The Beautiful Gallows, has released a statement that the band is partnering with trailblazing Christian radio station, Static Radio, for a unique release of two of their songs.

Stevo Jeter of Static Radio

“We’re pleased to work with Static Radio for their April, 2014 fundraiser. We’ve supported Static’s vision for years, and count it a privilege to donate two songs with all proceeds benefitting Static Radio. We encourage people to support Static through a download or donation to the station.”

Last October, The Beautiful Gallows released their single, “To The End,” on Static Radio. It became a staple for the new Southwestern sound developing in the region, a listener favorite.

Static Radio Program Director Stevo Jeter said, “We were excited when The Beautiful Gallows tune ‘To the End’ was submitted on our New Music Tuesday program. Because of the feedback we received, it made regular rotation. Not only are these guys great people, when I heard the song—and it’s rocking riffs and catchy chorus—I knew I had to play it.”

Shock Therapy Live

Static Radio ( is a listener-supported radio station based out of Calvary Albuquerque, in New Mexico. Formerly known as M88, the station has promoted Christian and non-Christian artists in the region, much like college radio stations do throughout the country.

“We’ve been honored to be on the vanguard of Christian music. It’s been our philosophy to track down those artists who are innovators in the industry and highlight them. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not dissing the mainstream guys and gals—we love them in the Lord—we just don’t want to play what hundreds of other Christian stations are playing. We have a unique niche, and we follow the lead of the great music,” Stevo said.

Stevo and Matteo: Team Awesome Party
 on Static Radio

When asked about the use of non-Christian artists on the station, Stevo replied, “What you’re referring to is our ‘Culture Shock’ selections. These are secular tunes that we play. It’s not that we play them to be cool or hip. But rather, we play them first and foremost because they’re great songs. And secondly, like the Apostle Paul did on Mars Hill by citing a secular poet, we use them as point of discussion with our listeners.”

The Static Radio website describes the Culture Shock selections as follows: “Christians are called to make disciples of all nations—to be fishers of men. The question is, ‘How do we go about doing this?’ Static Radio promotes a biblical worldview by providing music that provokes thought and discussion for further reflection. We provide an outlet to draw people—Christian and non-Christian—into the discussion, pointing them to Christ.

“What is Culture Shock? Using music as a hook, we hope to create a dialogue that communicates a Christian worldview, (even if the song comes from a crossover musician or group). If you hear bands like U2, Sufjan Stevens, and Mumford and Sons on Static Radio, you are listening to Culture Shock.

“Basically, Culture Shock is our attempt to reach out to a lot of people through popular music for the cause of Christ. Some of the music may cause some controversy, but our prayer is that the ‘stun’ will cause a deeper, more thoughtful Christian witness.”

att Lott of the band, House of Heroes, and program director at Static Radio

When it comes to using an independent artist such as The Beautiful Gallows as means to help generate funds for the station, Matt Lott, member of the band House of Heroes and music director at Static Radio, stated, “Here at Static, it’s about two things: the Lord and the music. If we like a song, we play it. But beyond that, it’s great to highlight local artists in a unique way.

“Not only do we have The Beautiful Gallows represented, but we used local visual artist David Martinez to create the cover art. David is known the region over for doing amazing tattoos for several notable people (who shall remain anonymous). It was great to pair the two together, bringing a sense of artistic community to our station for our spring fundraiser.”

The Beautiful Gallows. Artwork by David Martinez

I talked with David Martinez about his artwork, a New Mexican-inspired piece. What medium did you use? “I chose Acrylic paint, pen, marker, and tattoo ink on canvas board,” Martinez replied. And the vision and inspiration for the artwork? “When I was asked to do the artwork, it was immediately clear and obvious what I was going to do: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The name of the band greatly influenced the outcome of the work. The two—the crucifixion and gallows—seem to mirror each other. So I took the Beautiful Gallows—the place where the gospel came to its finished work—and put it into a vision of the woman. The crucifixion was a place that was horrifying, but it became beautiful. Furthermore, the cross is where Christ ‘proposed’ to His bride, the place where He died for love.

Artist, David Martinez

“As I worked on the painting, it became very personal to me. There was much prayer, listening, and waiting on the Lord. It now holds a special place in my heart. It also dawned on me: This is the first painting for which I used my wife as a model. I’ll hang this up as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to me.”

Concerning the use of local artists, Matt Lott said, “Think of it kind of like a biblical model of expansion: Jerusalem, Judea, and the outermost. Basically, we’re starting local, and then we’ll expand to national acts for future projects. The listener gets a song and a great piece of art, and the station receives support. All for $1.29. Can’t beat that!

“Even if you hate the song and the art on the Beautiful Gallows release, we encourage you to purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon, or make a donation to the station. Why? Because it helps us reach out to our region (and now the world through the Internet) with the love of Christ.”

Stevo jumped in. “We want to make that point loud and clear. We are a Christian station. No bones about it. We love the Lord with a great passion. And we feel we are making unique inroads into how we reach our culture. ”

“And let me say,” Stevo continued, “that we have more than just music. We have a program entitled Shock Therapy—where Pastor Nathan Heitzig and I help answer tough question about life and our culture. It’s a great outreach to our youth.

“And for those more intellectually inclined, Matt and I host a Theology Thursday program with a couple of pastors to tackle deep Biblical and theological questions. So though we may be known as great music station, it’s not all we do. Again, the bottom line is that we are all about Christ. He’s the reason we are even on the air. It’s that simple.”

To learn more about Static Radio, or help support the station, click some of the links below:

For journalistic transparency, it must be noted that I had a role in the Beautiful Gallows song, adding some vocal work.

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