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November 23, 2110


By: Jim Uttley

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (ANS) -- Indian Life Books, a division of Intertribal Christian Communications, the largest independent evangelical Native American publisher and distributor of media resources for the North American  Aboriginal community, has recently published three new titles.

Introducing a new line of books under the imprint Sequoyah Editions, Indian Life Books published a new title by best-selling author, Crying Wind entitled WHEN THE STARS DANCED. Picking up where her last book, MY SEARCHING HEART, leaves off, Crying Wind seeks to answer the question, "What became of Crying Wind and her family?"

In the late 1970s, a book was published which became an overnight bestseller. CRYING WIND by Linda Crying Wind Stafford opened the eyes of many evangelical Christians to the world of the Native American. Encouraged by her pastor to tell her story, Linda, a Navajo-Kickapoo-Caucasian wrote CRYING WIND, based on her life. She sent it off to a publisher, thinking, as most beginning writers, that it would probably be rejected.  It was accepted.  She was elated.

"When I wrote my first book, CRYING WIND, I poured out my heart. I believed God had given me a story to tell and wanted me to share it with people who were lost and lonely and needed hope and encouragement," Stafford states.  However, shortly after the book became a bestseller, problems developed.  Her publisher understood her book to be an autobiography and published it as such. 

Being an inexperienced author, Stafford had merely written a story based on events in her life.  Unfortunately, the publisher had assumed that this was nonfiction, while the author had merely written a story using events from her life, changing some details and adding other stories. When the publisher realized what had happened, they decided to pull the book, declaring it "out of print," instead of releasing a new edition labeled "Biographical Novel."

When news of this reached the Christian community, many felt betrayed, that Stafford had been dishonest and some even considered her book as fraudulent. There was a shake-up at the publisher, management was changed and new policies were brought in.

"I made mistakes," says Crying Wind. "The publisher felt my books were too controversial and stopped publishing them. I felt hurt and betrayed and never wanted to write again..." states Crying Wind. "...But God had other  plans and said, "You aren't finished yet."  Harvest House Publishers picked up her book. "Shortly after, a second book MY SEARCHING HEART, was released.  Both books were now marketed as "Biographical Novels."

Her books continued to sell well and were translated into several languages. Three years ago, Indian Life Books was approached by a book distributor, enquiring as to whether they could obtain any more of Crying Wind's books.  "We contacted Harvest House to discover that both titles were no longer in print," says Jim Uttley, editor of Indian Life Books. "We learned that the rights had been given back to the author."

Indian Life Books contacted Crying Wind who later gave them permission to reprint CRYING WIND and MY SEARCHING HEART and offer us a third manuscript for consideration.

"After reading the manuscript, we knew that this was a book that we had to publish," says Uttley. "I laughed and cried as I read these stories. This book is definitely Crying Wind's memoir of her family during the last 20 years of their lives."

Well-known author Jane Kirkpatrick, (the Kinship and Courage Series as well as Mystic Sweet Communion and other titles) was intrigued with Crying Wind's latest book.  "...Crying Wind weaves stories of laughter and love, family and faith...from unexpected loss to Providential gain...Through her honesty and simplicity, we dance along with the stars celebrating God's faithfulness and provision, and His everlasting love. I congratulate you on the publication of this fine, inspiring story."

Mystery writer Linda Hall (Sadie's Song, Island of Refuge, Margaret's Peace) says this: "I first 'met' Crying Wind more than twenty years ago when I read and was enthralled by her books, CRYING WIND and MY SEARCHING HEART...I 'met' her again in the pages of WHEN THE STARS DANCED, and saw a grown-up Crying Wind, who'd gone through the same 'letting go' that I have had to do in my own life. She writes with an enchantingly simply honesty...Her stories are funny, sad, happy, tragic, but through them all there is this simple trust in God."

Indian Life Books has released not only this new memoir WHEN THE STARS DANCED but also her first two titles in a single volume. For information on how to obtain these titles, please Email  or call 1-800-665-9275.

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