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A Message of Support to Our Wonderful Olympians

by ANS Editor

By Peter Rahme, Special to ASSIST News Service

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (ANS – August 7, 2016) – You’re an OLYMPIAN!

You worked hard and sacrificed much. You earned your spot and achieved your Olympic position. Congratulations!

Bolt in Rio OlympicsAs a highly disciplined athlete, you know firsthand that success in any field takes place when you acquire the SKILL to do it well and apply the WILL till it’s well done. Since you put in the time to acquire the Skill to do it, now it’s time to apply your WILL and get it done.

And just as it is your privilege to represent your nation, it is our pleasure to watch you perform.

Medals or not, every one of YOU who will compete at the best of your ability and complete your event fairly and squarely is a REAL winner and a GREAT inspiration. I don’t need to remind you that Foul Play won’t be tolerated; only Fair Play will be celebrated!

For those of you whose performance on the day bring you gold, silver or bronze medals and make Olympic sporting history, let that be the icing on your OLYMPIAN cake.

On the other hand, should your performance come under pressure, allow the RIGHT PEOPLE to scrutinize your RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY, but never let ANYONE or ANYTHING steal your Olympian IDENTITY!

And speaking of identity, always remember that it’s not what you do that dictates who you are, but rather, who you are that determines and precedes what you do. Also, who you are, is not dictated by man’s debate over you, but determined by God’s design of you.

And finally beware of empty platitudes and self-serving compliments. They’re nothing more than unbelievable lies from unreliable lips uttered under false pretense by insecure people with a hidden agenda!

Now go and enjoy the games and have an awesome time!

Please feel free to check out my websites at www.amazinggrace.org.au; www.bc-ad.org; www.innerwestbaptist.org.au.

Photo captions: 1) Top Olympian, Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt. 2) Peter Rahme.

PeterProfilePicAbout the writer: Rev. Peter Rahme, is the founding Pastor of Inner West Baptist Church and the Author of Mr Eternity, Amazing Grace and Y-Jesus. He also writes and sends out his “GraceThrough” daily devotions which you can receive by sending a message to his email — peterrahme@optusnet.com.au. Please feel free to subscribe. Peter Rahme, also a popular conference speaker and an accomplished singer/songwriter, can be followed on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/peterrahme. You can contact Peter by phone at (+ 61) 418 249 989.

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