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A Special Message from Dan Wooding

by Dan Wooding

Dear ANS friends:

The Wooding in SheffieldThis is to advise you that Norma and I will soon heading off to the UK for a two-week vacation to visit our families and friends over there.

It is the first time in two years where I have been able to make the trip to see our two sons, Andrew and Peter, and their children (our six grandkids), so as you can imagine, I am very excited to see them all..

Because I would like to enjoy my time there, we won’t be putting out our usual number of stories, but our Chief Correspondent, Michael Ireland, has kindly stepped in and will be inputting just urgent stories that come in while I am away. I’d like to thank him for doing this.

We would value your prayers for our safe travels, especially in view of the London terror incident, and we thank you for all your kind support over the years.


Dan (and Norma) Wooding

Photo caption: The family together in the UK on a previous trip

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