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A Tale of Two Sisters; One Compliant, The Other Defiant

by Dan Wooding

The daughters of Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood, had totally different views of Islam and one defied his order to wear the burqa

By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service

Khalid Masoods daughterLONDON, UK (ANS – March 27, 2017) – News has surfaced that Khalid Masood, 52, the radicalized UK-born Westminster terrorist who, on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, murdered four people as he ploughed through pedestrians on the famous Westminster Bridge before crashing outside Parliament and stabbing a policeman to death, had experienced problems with one of his two daughters.

According to the Sun newspaper in London, his younger daughter, student Teegan Harvey, 18, had refused to bow to pressure from the fanatical Masood to convert to Islam. In fact, to make matters worse for him, she headed off to her school prom in a “backless dress” after rejecting killer dad’s orders to wear a burqa.

Family friends said that after his own conversion to Islam, Masood insisted that both his daughters switch to his religion, and don the veil.

“Older sister Andi, now 24, converted to Islam six years ago, and left her mum Jane Harvey, and sister Teegan behind, at their home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to move in with her dad and his new partner in Luton, Bedfordshire,” said the Sun story.

Mews where Masood once lived“They later moved to Birmingham where Andi is said to have been persuaded by Masood to cover herself in a burqa. She is also reported to have changed her name to an Arabic one.

“But younger daughter Teegan resisted her father’s demands to give up her western lifestyle. The teenage beauty posed for the camera in a revealing backless dress at a prom night in May last year for leavers at Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School.

“She had earlier come under pressure from her father to convert to Islam after she turned 16.”

The Sun story went on to say that her successful businesswoman mother Jane, managing director of a chemicals company, fought desperately to prevent her younger daughter from joining her father.

Luke Lawrence, 23, close friends with Andi at school when she lived in Northiam, East Sussex, with both her parents and sister, was reported to have said: “Jane was totally against the idea and wanted Teegan to remain with her. But Andi was older and could be very headstrong, so she just went off and did it anyway.”

Masood had changed his name from Adrian Elms after converting to Islam while in prison on remand for an alleged knife attack in 2003.

Luke told the Sun, “Andi was a lovely girl but when she moved away to become a Muslim she cut off contact with her friends here. She went off to live with her dad after he converted her. I’m not sure why she went with him, he was a ‘nutter’. Teegan stayed with her mum.”

Jane Harvey and daughterBefore converting to Islam and moving in with her dad, in 2008 Andi had been involved in a serious accident outside her house, which opens on to the fast A28 on the outskirts of Northiam.

Luke said: “She stepped out of the house with headphones on, without looking, and got hit by a van. She was seriously hurt and was in a wheelchair for a while. It left her traumatized and she was never quite the same afterwards.”

The story went on to say that Khalid Masood spent hours by his daughter’s bedside in hospital “praying for her to recover from her injuries in twisted contrast to what he did nine years later at Westminster Bridge.”

Andi is still living in Birmingham, where one friend of mum Jane said: “She wears a full-face veil and I think she has changed her name. It was her father who had helped convert her.

“He wanted the younger daughter to convert, but Jane was against it and there was quite a family struggle. I know Jane was very upset and wanted her to stay at home and continue her studies.”

Meanwhile, Jane and Teegan have been keeping a low profile at their home in Tunbridge Wells, trying to digest the shocking attack carried out by Masood.

Khalid Masood, met his first partner, Jane Harvey, while working together at Aaron Chemicals in Bodiam, East Sussex, in the late 1980s, which Jane now runs.

The couple moved to the sleepy village of Northiam, near Rye, and in 1992 had first daughter, Andi Jay, before Teegan Adrienne followed six years later.

“But Jane, now 48, had to put up with her partner’s rages,” said the Sun. “She ended the relationship in 2000 when he was arrested and jailed for two years over a knife attack. After his release, Masood moved 30 miles west to Eastbourne, while Jane went back to her home town of Tunbridge Wells.

“He was later charged with attempted murder in 2003 but acquitted by a jury having spent six months on remand — where he became radicalized.

“It would tear Masood’s own family apart, with one daughter following him into Islam and another resisting, before ultimately destroying the lives of so many others.”

Masood made three trips to Saudi Arabia

The New York Daily News is reporting that Masood had made three trips to Saudi Arabia in recent years. He apparently taught English there twice on a work visa, and returned a third time on a visa usually granted to those going on a religious pilgrimage.

Police after Masood attackThe BBC said that Masood’s mother has said that she is “shocked, saddened and numbed” by his actions. Janet Ajao said that she had “shed many tears for the people caught up in this horrendous incident.”

“Meanwhile, police say no evidence has been found of links between Masood and so-called Islamic State or al-Qaeda,” the BBC said.

Mrs. Ajao, from Trelech in Carmarthenshire, south-west Wales, said: “I wish to make it absolutely clear, so there can be no doubt, I do not condone his actions nor support the beliefs he held that led to him committing this atrocity.

“I wish to thank my friends, family and community from the bottom of my heart for the love and support given to us.”

A Yoruba name

Masood, who was born as Adrian Elms, but later took his stepfather’s name Ajao, carried out his attack within 82 seconds.

Floral tributes in WestminsterOn reading my original ANS story on the attack, a source in Nigeria, told me that Ajao is a Yoruba (South-west, Nigerian) name. “It is pronounced àjàó (ah jah oh — low low high or rising tone),” he said. “I hasten to add that the Yoruba are generally, broad-minded, peace-loving and not inclined to terrorism and Taliban-type Islam or variants of it, like Boko Haram and ISIS.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu of the Metropolitan Police, told BBC Panorama that, while Masood “clearly had an interest in Jihad,” police had so far found no evidence of an association with the group or al-Qaeda, or that he had discussed his plan with others.

He said: “His methods appear to be based on low sophistication, low tech, low-cost techniques copied from other attacks, and echo the rhetoric of IS leaders in terms of methodology and attacking police and civilians, but I have no evidence or information at this time that he discussed this with others.”

Mr. Basu also said there was also no evidence Masood was radicalized in prison in 2003 – describing this as “speculation.”

He said Masood was not considered to be a threat by the security services or counter-terror police and was not part of investigations connected with Luton — where he had once lived — or the long-banned al-Muhajiroun network.

He added: “I know when, where and how Masood committed his atrocities, but now I need to know why. Most importantly so do the victims and families.”

Photo captions: 1) Masood’s youngest daughter Teegan resisted her father’s demands to give up her western lifestyle. 2) The quiet close of Tetley Mews in Tunbridge Wells, where the killer (inset) once lived. (Kent Live). 3) Teenager Teegan with her mum Jane Harvey. 4) The radicalized Muslim struck terror at the heart of the capital last week (Press Association). 5) Floral tributes in London. 6) Norma and Dan Wooding.

Norma and Dan Wooding useAbout the writer: Dan Wooding, 76, is an award-winning author, broadcaster and journalist who was born in Nigeria of British missionary parents, and is now living in Southern California with his wife Norma, to whom he has been married for nearly 54 years. Dan is the founder and president of ASSIST (Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times) and the ASSIST News Service (ANS) and he hosts a weekly radio show and two TV programs, all based in Southern California. They have two sons, Andrew and Pater, and six grandchildren, who all live in the UK. Dan is the author of 45 books and, before moving to the US in 1982, he lived and worked in London for many years and was a frequent visit to the Houses of Parliament.

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