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Astonishing Prophecy of Atlantic Storms

by ANS Editor
Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

Intro by Rev. Dennis Hall, the son of Franklin Hall. My father was a highly reputable American Evangelist in the Pentecostal Movement. He held crusades across America and took the Pentecostal message of the baptism in the Spirit to his crusades in the United Kingdom and across Africa. He also ministered with Aimee Semple McPherson and Kathryn Kuhlman’s husband Dr. Waltrip. He was the author of Atomic Power with God with Fasting and Prayer which impacted the lives and ministries of other Pentecostal leaders such as Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, A.A. Allen, William Branham, T.L. Osborne, and many other high profile leaders. What he says below is highly relevant to what is going on at this time with both Harvey and Irma causing havoc and bringing death to so many.

By Franklin Hall, Special to ASSIST News Service

Damage caused by Hurricane IrmaSAN DIEGO, CA (ANS – September 10, 2017) — While meditating and waiting on the Lord on the small resort Island of Guernsey, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., one morning, the Holy Spirit began speaking to the author’s heart. The author was in deep thought concerning the death and struggle of mankind in relationship to the destructive elements. The Lord revealed that the Atlantic Ocean table lands are under affliction, full of dormant, troublesome, dangerous, catastrophic, slumbering upheavals, almost ready to break forth upon many cities in many countries along the Atlantic coasts.

This is to come about unawares to those not informed. Many prophets and non-prophets, along with scientists, have predicted much trouble off the coast of California, and the author agrees mostly with them. There will be a lot of oncoming storms in the Pacific Ocean and along the coast of California. However, there is a lot more trouble coming. Some may not be aware of even more upheavals, eruptions and dangers that will come forth from another huge body of water called the Atlantic Ocean! This ocean is now under attack.

Rev Franklin Hall smallerThe vast areas will be the gigantic and crucial region of turbulent, oncoming storms of destruction coming forth from the wide areas of the great Atlantic Ocean. Its impact will be such that it will touch with disaster almost everything this great body of water borders, and reach with its ever increasing tidal waves. Waves that in the future, will bring about towering mountainous walls of death and devastation undreamed of.

This will come forth by the ever increasing whirlwinds along with underground disruptions. This tremendous body of water that will be disturbed under many thousands of miles may bring havoc to multitudes. Man’s labors and the cities of mankind will be destroyed along the coasts in many countries, especially those within range of this great monster of sea water that will lash out relentlessly, seemingly out of control, in many directions. Whirlwinds, volcanoes, major earthquakes, and even other unknown or unnamed, violent earth disturbances will be prevalent. It will seem like all hell and all the elements will be turned loose. This body of water, to the earth, will be like a man trying to vomit from a stomach full of indigestible food. This big ocean will be in a spasmodic turbulent condition, bringing havoc and destruction to all unclothed with Power, inhabitants along most of its borders. Likewise, major destructions will come to the work of man’s hands.

This big sea will bring a sea of devastation. The unbalancing of the earth on its axis will also be a contributing cause. The earth will wobble like a drunk man. The ever-rising Atlantic will especially splash in every direction as the water in a saucer will splash everywhere when shaken. (Isaiah, the prophet, reveals these facts in carefully worded details, Chapter 24.)

Through the big part of this huge body of water to the smaller, narrower areas, will the big splash and trouble extend, lessening as the Atlantic reaches into smaller narrower land areas. Unseen underground activities will rise and come forth to frighten mankind with great fear.

All clothed with Power, fully baptized, will be spared wherever they may be. Thanks be to Jesus. These folk will not have fear of any nature. Multitudes of others will have their hearts fail for fear. Fear, a relative of unbelief, will also bring death to many….

Here are what oceanographers and scientists have to say: the earth is warming up. We are rapidly coming forth from the ice age. Glaciers are receding, and in many places on the North American continent there are no more glaciers…. Glaciers have melted. The polar ice, too, is rapidly melting. All of this water drains into streams, rivers, and on into the oceans. Oceans are, therefore, rising. Most of the melted Polar ice, especially in North regions, find its way into the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is therefore rising to an unprecedented height.

Atlantic storms cover smallerWritten on the Channel Island of Guernsey off the coast of France. For years I have been doing research concerning many prophecies. The sure Word of prophecy indicates terrible destructive storms of catastrophe will hit the earth again. It is projected for these last days. It will also come upon the sleeping church as a snare or trap. (See Luke 21.) One purpose of our around-the-world crusades was for praying and fasting over different areas of our earth home.

Since a time of trouble, destructions, and catastrophies are coming to both the inhabitants of the earth and also to the planet itself, as it likewise came to both the inhabitants and to the planet in Noah’s time, I earnestly sought the Lord concerning some of the incidents that will come about in the not too distant future. Genesis 6:13: “And God said unto Noah, The end of all (unbelievers) flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence (and rioting) through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

Sometimes the sure word of prophecy is so plain that it is difficult for man to accept and believe it. Jesus spoke in crystal clear words, prophecies for this day, which in similarity reveal the same circumstances in which another gigantic earth-storm upheaval will come about, bringing tremendous wholesale death to mankind. Jesus said, “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be… And knew not until the flood came, and took them (by death) all away; so shall also the coming of the son of man be” (Matthew 24:37, 39).

Unlike Christ’s first coming, His next real appearance will be brought about by a brilliance. A tremendous light and brightness of glory will come forth so intensely that the unbelievers and wicked will be consumed by the power thereof. Even part-way believers…will be scorched (See the Word of God here).

The brilliance against the saints who have not received the fullness of the Holy Ghost and fire blessings, who have not become acclimated to the adjustment of same, will leave these as the foolish or unwise virgins. The no-oil saints will not be able to withstand the substance of Christ’s light. We become acclimated to Him by full baptism.

Escaping from HarveyJesus does not want these events to sneak upon those who have not accepted the complete baptism of the Holy Spirit…. Jesus brings direct proof that if we properly and carefully serve Him in fullness of purpose and deed, we may be wise and aware of these very events which are herewith presented, given prayerfully to sincere, believing readers. Jesus Christ projected these thought provoking intelligent warnings: “And take heed unto yourselves, lest at any time your arts be overcharged with surfeiting, (the failure to live the fasted life, etc.) and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares” (Luke 21:34). This refers to the coming, last days, great destruction, similar to the day of the storm destruction that came about in Noah’s time. We who have the covering of protective Power are not to be in the dark concerning these things. We few shall just as certainly be saved from all danger and harm as the few believing folk saved in Noah’s day.

Oceanographers, scientists, the prophetic Word of God, the anointed Revelation, and ministers clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit bear witness today to major disruption of the elements; these will bring catastrophic changes to the world. Please notice that science, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit all point strongly toward the coming storms of floods that will require a supernatural ark of safety for man’s survival on the face of the earth.

This prophecy is found in Franklin Hall’s book, Atlantic Ocean Storms Destroying Many Cities, published in 1973.

For more information, please contact his son, Rev. Dennis Hall, www.InternationalHealingCathedral.com , (602) 535-6969.

Photo captions: 1) Trail of destruction left by Hurricane Irma. 2) Franklin Hall. 3) Book cover. 4) Residents wade through floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey in Beaumont Place, Houston on August 28, 2017. (Jonathan Bachman/Reuters).

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