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British exchange student murdered in Jerusalem terror attack

by ANS Editor

By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service (www.assistnews.net)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (ANS — April 17, 2017) — A British tourist in her mid-20s was murdered by an Arab terrorist Friday afternoon in a stabbing attack inside of a light rail train in Jerusalem.

mi Hannah Bladon was attacked on Jerusalems light rail. photo credit MAARIVHannah Bladon, two others, a pregnant woman in her early 30s and a man in his early 50s were injured during the attack, according to For Zion’s Sake ministry.

MDA first responders say the pregnant woman was knocked down during the attack and suffered injuries to her stomach, while the man was injured while attempting to flee the attack. (Magen David Adom – MDA, is Israel’s ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first-responders for the state’s more than 8.5 million people. MDA is the only organization mandated by the Israeli government to serve in this role, but it’s not a government agency, so it relies on donors for funding. See:https:/amfda.org ).

The attack took place inside a north-bound light train near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate just after 12:45 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Authorities say the murdered woman was roughly 25-years old. Paramedics attempted to stabilize her condition while she was transported to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. Despite their efforts, doctors at Hadassah were forced to declare her death on Good Friday afternoon.

The terrorist responsible for the attack was captured and taken into custody. Police have identified the murderer as Jameel Tamimi, a 57-year old Arab resident of Jerusalem from the Ras al-Amud neighborhood.

“At 12:50, MDA Jerusalem region received a report of an [individual] stabbed near the Jerusalem light rail. MDA EMTs and paramedics are treating a severely injured individual,” an MDA spokesperson said.

Zeevi Hanfling, an EMT who responded to the attack, described the scene: “There were many people at the scene. Police officers led me into the train where a young girl was lying unconscious with stab wounds to her upper bod. I provided initial life-saving medical treatment and performed CPR. An MDA intensive care unit arrived shortly after and proceeded to treat the critically-injured woman. We also treated a pregnant 30-year old woman and a 50-year old man who were also injured. We evacuated them to hospitals in light condition.”

Following the attack, a spokesperson from the Shin Bet internal security agency stated that the terrorist had a long history of criminal behavior and mental illness.

“The attacker attempted to commit suicide earlier this year by swallowing a razor blade,” the spokesperson reported. “In 2011 he was convicted of committing vile acts on his own daughter.”

“This is just one of many cases where a Palestinian suffering from personal issues… chooses to carry out a [terror] attack to find relief from his own problems.”

mi Hannah Bladon 04 17 2017The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (http://www.jta.org ) reports that Bladon was mourned by Israeli institutions at which she had studied and volunteered. Bladon, a student in her early 20s, was killed on Friday after being stabbed multiple times by a Palestinian assailant.

The Hebrew University and the Rothberg International School in a statement issued Saturday night expressed “our deep sorrow” over Bladon’s murder. The schools extended “deepest condolences” to her family.

Bladon was in Israel as part of a student exchange program with Hebrew as part of her course of studies in religion, theology and archaeology at the University of Birmingham. She arrived in Israel in January.

The Israel Antiquities Authority also offered its condolences to the Bladon family, saying in a statement that Hannah had recently volunteered in its excavation at Wilson’s Arch in the Western Wall tunnels and was supposed to return to the excavation after Passover. She reportedly was returning home from an archeological dig when she was killed.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Saturday that Bladon was standing next to the assailant because she had given up her seat further back on the train to allow a woman holding a baby to sit down.

The Palestinian stabber, Jamil Tamimi, 57, of the Ras al-Amud neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem, reportedly told investigators that he stabbed Bladon because he wanted the soldier standing next to her to kill him. Tamimi reportedly is mentally ill and had recently tried to commit suicide.

The Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, said of the stabber in a statement: “This is not the first time that a Palestinian suffering from personal, mental or moral distress has chosen to commit a terrorist attack in order to escape his problems.”

The Bladon family in a statement issued on Saturday, said that Hannah “was the most caring, sensitive and compassionate daughter you could ever wish for.”

“She was driven and passionate and her death leaves so much promise unfulfilled. Our family are devastated by this senseless and tragic attack.”

Contact: For Zion’s Sake USA at: FZS, P.O.Box 6536, Huntington Beach CA, 92615. Tel # 323-218-0010 http://forzion.com .

Photo Captions: 1) 25-year old Hannah Bladon was killed in terror attack near Old City of Jerusalem. (Photo: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office). 2) Hannah Bladon was attacked on Jerusalem’s light rail system (Photo: MAARIV). 3) Michael Ireland

Michael Ireland small useAbout the Writer: Michael Ireland is a volunteer internet journalist serving as Chief Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service, as well as an Ordained Minister who has served with ASSIST Ministries and written for ANS since its beginning in 1989. He has reported for ANS from Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Israel, Jordan, China, and Russia. Please consider helping Michael cover his expenses in bringing news of the Persecuted Church, by logging-on to: https://actintl.givingfuel.com/ireland-michael

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