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Christopher Proudlove

by ANS Editor

Retired journalist Christopher Proudlove spent 46 years in various roles with national, regional, and local weekly newspapers in the United Kingdom. He also spent three years editing the Elim Pentecostal Church’s Evangel weekly magazine from 1979 – 1982. Christopher also produced outreach newspapers without charge for UK churches. In recent years he has written blogs for Christians for Zion and become an Israel advocate. He took on the BBC for inaccurate reporting on the 1967 Six Day War. BBC underlings twice rejected his protests, but his final stage plea to the BBC Trust was accepted. The program makers were forced to apologize for misreporting. He keeps an eye on two local weekly newspapers and the regional daily where he was responsible for launching a church news page. Christopher’s defenses of the Bible and Israel are now regularly found in the letters columns. He has exposed as lies various pronouncements from the local Palestine Solidarity Campaign group.

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