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First episode of a new TV series called ‘Inside Hollywood with Dan Wooding’ released today and features Double-Oscar winner, Al Kasha

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Dan Wooding with Al Kasha and Oscars useHOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS – September 15, 2015) – The first episode of ‘Inside Hollywood with Dan Wooding’, a new TV series made by two media veterans, was released today (Tuesday, September 15, 2015), on the California-based Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network.

It was filmed in Beverly Hills, California, with Al Kasha, a Messianic Jew who has reached the top of every field that he has lent his talents to: as a writer, producer, composer, motivational speaker and executive working in theatre, film, television, home video, music publishing, and recording.

Mr. Kasha is one of those rare artists who, as a composer/lyricist, has had hit records over the last five decades, starting in the sixties and continuing on to the seventies, eighties, nineties and into the present, ranging from Elvis Presley to Aretha Franklin to Helen Reddy to Sherrie Austin to Donna Summer.

Inside HollywoodHe has been awarded two Oscars and had two other Academy Award nominations for his critically acclaimed work in films. His first Academy Award for Best Song was for “THE MORNING AFTER” from THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, and his second for “WE MAY NEVER LOVE LIKE THIS AGAIN” from THE TOWERING INFERNO.

Two additional nominations came from the Live-Action Animated Walt Disney classic PETE’S DRAGON, which is now a platinum bestselling home video. He also received Tony nominations for his work on “SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS” and the musical, “DAVID COPPERFIELD.” In addition, he has received two Grammy nominations, an Emmy, four Golden Globe nominations and the coveted People’s Choice award.

During the show, Kasha talked about his remarkable conversion and healing while suffering from Agoraphobia, and how he went on to run a Bible Study for the Hollywood community and during one of the gatherings, Bob Dylan prayed the “sinner’s prayer” with him. He also revealed that Dylan went on to write in Kasha’s home, much of “Slow Train Coming”, his first Christian album.

“Al Kasha is one of the gems of Hollywood,” said Dan Wooding. “He has experienced great success, yet he is one of the humblest men I have ever interviewed.”

Dallas and Jerry JenkinsEach of the shows, which are 28:30 minutes long, features Hollywood-based Christians who are making a huge difference in Tinsel town, and the first one can be viewed by going to http://hsbn.tv/_deploy/index.html  and then click “Inside Hollywood with Dan Wooding.” It will be air three times a week – each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

“The amount of faith-based entertainment now being produced is quite astonishing, and so I wanted to talk with Hollywood insiders who are producing this inspiring material,” explained author, broadcaster and journalist, Dan Wooding, who has been working full-time in the media since 1968.

“I have joined with videographer, Tim Hathaway, who has been working in this field for more than 32 years, and we have already got many fascinating and revealing interviews in the can, and they will be broadcast each week on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network”

Another up-coming show, which was shot at Variety’s recent “Purpose: Family Entertainment & Faith-Based Summit,” held in Beverly Hills, California, will feature interviews with Brian Bird, veteran Hollywood producer and screenwriter [his latest is CAPTIVE]; Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Movieguide®; Dan Rupple, founder of Seriously Funny Entertainment, and John David Ware, founder of the 168 Film Project.

Other episodes will feature a fascinating interview with Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author or the phenomenal “Left Behind” book (with Tim LaHaye,) and his son, Dallas Jenkins. The two formed Jenkins Entertainment in February of 2000, and within a year, they completed their first feature, the $2 million independent film, “Hometown Legend.” That film launched a run in which they have produced and/or directed four feature films and two short films which have been distributed by companies such as Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Porchlight, and GT Media, and have aired on Hallmark Channel, Country Music Television, ABC Family, and TBN.

Karen Covell being interviewed by Dan WoodingA further show is with Karen Covell, a woman on a mission – to get Christians to pray for those working in Hollywood. As Founding Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network, Karen speaks and teaches around the country to people of faith, encouraging them to not hate Hollywood or boycott its products, but instead to pray for the people in the entertainment industry. Karen is also a producer, co-owner of Joint Effort – a film production company – and co-owner with her husband Jim, of JC Productions, a music production company. She has had extensive experience in producing TV specials, documentaries, and children’s programming.

“Inside Hollywood with Dan Wooding” is also available for TV channels and networks around the world to run, and so if you represent one, just contact Dan at danjuma1@aol.com  or by phone at 949 472 0974 to get further details about the unique series.

Besides the Hollywood programs, Dan Wooding has joined forces with well-known author, speaker and broadcaster, Pam Christian, to produce a weekly TV show called “Windows on the World”, which features the top stories of the week about Persecuted Christians from the ASSIST News Service, which Dan founded some 20 years ago and still runs. “Windows on the World” is being broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, and you can see it by logging onto the site (http://hsbn.tv/) and then click on WATCH LIVE STREAMING.

You can also see two sample programs of “Windows on the World” at http://hsbn.tv/[on-demand]%20windows-on-the-world.html ,

Photo captions: 1) Dan Wooding Al Kasha and his two Oscars. 2) Logo. 3) Dallas and Jerry B. Jenkins. 4) Dan interviewing Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network.

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