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Forgotten Christmas Campaign Helps Struggling Families

by Gospel for Asia

A family with a donated pig provided through GFA’s Christmas gift catalog. They are just one of thousands of Asian families helped to break out of extreme poverty, which is the focus of GFA’s “Forgotten Christmas” campaign.

WILLS POINT, TX (ANS – December 9, 20190 — As holiday shopping in the United States is predicted to top $1 trillion this year, GFA (Gospel for Asia, www.gfa.org) is urging Christians in the West to make the season more Christ-centered by adding someone they don’t know to their gift list.

GFA’s “Forgotten Christmas” campaign (www.forgottenchristmas.org) gives an opportunity to churches and individuals to provide practical gifts, including income-generating resources that can help lift a family out of poverty in Asia, where millions struggle to survive below the $1.90-a-day poverty line.

The centerpiece of the effort is a touching three-minute video drama which follows a young American boy as he provides desperately needed groceries for a struggling couple in his neighborhood.

“Christmas is about so much more than just gifts,” viewers are told. “Let’s bring Christmas back to what it’s really meant to be about: giving hope to others. Why not go further than just next door? Make an impact around the world this Christmas.” 

They can do that through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog (www.gfa.org/gift), which features almost 40 different giving opportunities. 

For just $11—the price of three eggnog lattes—a pair of chickens can improve a family’s financial situation by breeding more birds that can be sold, or through the sale of their eggs. Other poverty-breaking gifts include a lamb for $65, a sewing machine for $85, and teaching someone to read for $25. 

“There is so much to enjoy in the Christmas season, but it is easy to lose sight of the real meaning, if we are not careful,” said GFA founder Dr. K.P. Yohannan. “Christmas is about Jesus coming into the world, showing us God’s love in tangible form. 

“Through a simple gift that can completely change their circumstances, we can demonstrate his love to those struggling in poverty. We can show them that they may have been forgotten by the world, but they have not been forgotten by God or his people.” 

GFA hopes that in this 12th year of “Forgotten Christmas,” churches and individuals around the globe will join them in seeing families in Asia receive help to rise above the poverty line. Last year, GFA and its supporters helped more than 230,000 families receive income-generating gifts. 

One GFA supporter who provides help through the gift catalog each year said: “What a wonderful way to invest treasure into some of the poorest of the poor—a way that gives them new opportunities for self-support and dignity and demonstrates God’s love for them.”

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