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GFA World’s 60-Second Radio Feature Inspires Crisis-Weary Generation

by Gospel for Asia

Wills Point, USA (ANS) –  A new series of rapid-fire radio broadcasts aims to inspire a generation searching for hope and purpose as the pandemic drags on and America faces crises on several fronts.

K.P. Yohannan, founder of GFA World (www.gfa.org), has launched a brand new radio series, GFA Minute (www.GFAMinute.org).

Nearly 40 years after his landmark book Revolution in World Missions shook the evangelical world, K.P. Yohannan — founder of GFA World (www.gfa.org) — hosts the brand new radio series, GFA Minute (www.GFAMinute.org).

“People are desperate for encouragement right now and want to know their lives really matter,” Yohannan said. “We’re all looking for hope and purpose.”

He aims to encourage America’s crisis-weary believers and challenge the “digital generation” to “live every minute in the light of eternity.”

“The pandemic, steep price increases in the stores, and deep divisions in our country have left many in America demoralized and disheartened,” said Yohannan, who has seen his Texas-based mission organization grow into one of the largest in the world, serving millions of the poorest families in Asia, and now Africa as well.

GFA Minute challenges listeners to share their faith passionately and practically with a world in chaos. “Today, 2.7 billion people are heading toward eternity without Christ. The One who came to seek and save the lost is now looking for us… to pray, fast, send missionaries, and go serve the poor,” said Yohannan.

60 Seconds of Hope

Yohannan’s 60-second radio broadcasts call listeners to avoid materialism and instead live a Christlike lifestyle of compassion, simplicity, and humility.

“GFA World has always been about equipping people to impact their world with Christ’s love,” said Yohannan.

OM International founder George Verwer described Yohannan as a leader with “a pure heart (and) great passion.”

GFA World’s national missionaries minister in 12,000 parishes — or local churches — across Asia. The organization is also expanding into Africa.

Visit www.GFAMinute.org to listen to the broadcasts and download free media files.

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