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Go see Case for Christ now if you can

by William Bray

This great Christian film is fading fast from the big screens

By Bill Bray, ASSIST News Service Special Correspondent (Movie Review)

Leslie and Lee Strobel happy at lastWASHINGTON, DC (ANS – May 11, 2017)The Case for Christ, a film destined to become a classic apologetic for the Gospel, is down to only 585 theater screens in the USA this week—and fading fast. If it is still playing at a theater near you, this may be your last chance to see it on the big screen.

Powerfully acted and very well written by Brian Bird, it is the true story of our friend, Lee Strobel. He set out, as a skilled investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, to disprove the claims of Christ. Set convincingly in the early 1970’s, the PureFlix production tells how his wife’s conversion to Christ caused him to critically review the life and death of Jesus Christ. He was as skeptical as they come, a self-proclaimed atheist at the time.

Lee Strobel and wife with DanThe story recalls how he failed, using all his investigative training, to deconstruct the Christian message. His book became an internationally bookseller with over 14 million copies in print and this film version does the book justice. The book and the film have brought thousands to Christ — 26 came to Christ during one showing of the film in an Ohio theater!

It opened strong on 1,174 screens April 7 and has grossed over $13.8 million dollars so far. In June, it goes into international release, opening on screens in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia.

Is God DeadThe film got an A+ rating on Cinescore and good reviews from critics and viewer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes but that’s not enough to keep it going after five weeks in general release. That’s well above average for films in the “Christian Genre” according to those that study box office results.

The outstanding cast includes Fayne Dunaway along with Mike Vogel, Erika Christenson and Robert Fowler and is rate PG. It is a great Christian film. Drive out and see it today while it’s still on a big screen, even if you have to change your plans. If you don’t act now, you may have to wait until it goes livestream. This is so good, that you may want to add it to your film library.

Photo captions; 1) Lee and Leslie Strobel – Happy at last: 2) ANS founder, Dan Wooding, interviews Lee and Leslie Strobel at the NRB. (Peter Wooding). 3) Mike Vogel plays Lee Strobel in “The Case For Christ.” 4) Bill Bray.

Bill BrayAbout the writer: Bill Bray is a Christian journalist who specializes in missions and student ministries. He is the author of Called to All: How I discovered the power of a yielded life from WestBow Press, a division of Zondervan. Those who want to support his work at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians may send designated contributions to www.OSMission.org, using Gift Code: WSP-2017. He welcomes interaction with our readers and can be contacted at bray.william@gmail.com.

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