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Gospel for Asia Blesses Boys Infected with AIDS

by Gospel for Asia

A Gospel for Asia (www.gfa.org) News Release – For Immediate Release 

This year, GFA-supported pastors and missionaries near Mumbai visited an orphanage in which all 28 boys have lost their parents to the AIDS and are themselves infected.

MUMBAI, INDIA (ANS — December 20, 2018) — World AIDS Day was observed around the world on December 1. The website dedicated to the day calls it “an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV” and “to show support for people living with HIV.” 

This year, a few GFA-supported pastors and missionaries visited an orphanage in which all 28 boys have lost their parents to AIDS and are themselves infected with the dread disease. 

In this region, when a person has AIDS, they are subject to discrimination that isolates them and leaves them longing for love. 

Love is exactly what the GFA-sponsored workers brought to the boys in the orphanage. The workers shared God’s Word to encourage the boys to live with abundant hope and joy despite their personal burdens so they can become a source of blessing to others when they reach adulthood. 

Following the time of teaching and encouragement, the GFA-supported workers presented each boy with a brand-new backpack and notebooks for school.

By teaching, giving and encouraging, the visitors became examples to the young boys of what it means to love as Jesus loves us. One of the leaders of the group was “touched by the positive attitude of these children who were constantly smiling and laughing in spite of all the odds in life.”

Who knows what great things will come from this visit? The GFA-supported workers have promised to return on a regular basis to meet with the boys, and they have invited the boys to visit them as well. 

Please pray that the love of Jesus expressed throughout the visit will continue to resonate among the boys and the dedicated servants of God who became the hands and feet of Jesus to those numbered among “the least of these.”

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