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Gospel For Asia Giving the Gift of Christmas Hope to Struggling Families

by Peter Wooding

Gospel For Asia is appealing for support to help families receive vital help this Christmas.

The charity has been helping struggling families since 2006. Last year, 241,732 families in Asia received life-changing Christmas gifts, like those shown in GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog.

Tavish dreamed for years of leading his family out of poverty, and when he received a cow as a gift, he saw that dream unfold. The income Tavish earned through his cow enabled him to enroll his kids in school, establish the family’s home in a permanent location and even buy goats to expand his livelihood. Because of his simple cow, Tavish’s family is walking out of poverty, and his life testifies to his community of God’s love and compassion!

Gospel For Asia says gifts like cows, bicycles and sewing machines break the cycle of poverty and show Christ’s love to impoverished families in Asia. One gift can have a far-reaching impact, touching families and rippling out to transform entire communities.

People can give a gift from GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog in honor of someone else and they will receive the Christmas card immediately to pass on to their friend of family member or work colleague.

John from Minnesota explains: “I donated as a Christmas gift for my dad.  He has everything he needs and enjoys seeing the money I would spend on him go to a better cause.”

GFA concluded: “This year, give a gift that can help a family in Asia and be able to tell your loved one their Christmas gift changed lives!”


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