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How This Author Believes God Intends To Free People

by Steve Rees
Husband and wife Darryl Glenn and Jane Northrup Glenn

While Darryl Glenn and Jane Northrup Glenn split votes for president in 2016, they agreed on his U.S. Senate race in Colorado. Leading people to independence in 2020 and beyond unites them in marriage, faith and politics.

Imagine a picture of Jesus Christ – the Lion of Judah crowned in glory – throwing a knock-out blow to the politically symbolic donkey and elephant of United States government, effectively and permanently releasing God’s people from bondage. “God Punched Back,” a prophetic soon-to-be released book, envisions Jesus the victor in this epic contest. It is written by Jane Northrup Glenn, wife of 2016 Colorado Republican nominee for United States Senate, Darryl Glenn.

Northrup (at the time) and Glenn divinely met and married during the 2016 general election, which pitted him against Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet for a U.S. Senate seat from Colorado. The couple attended the Republican National Convention in July of that year in Cleveland, where Glenn delivered a fiery prime-time speech coining phrases Northrup Glenn later incorporated into her book’s many topics, which include her Christian testimony, career history and business success.

Watch Glenn’s inspiring RNC speech from July 2016:

Darryl Glenn: 'All lives matter'

God Punched Back” is written in a disarming and creative style to convey an urgent and important end-times message from God for Christians. It’s written this way, says Northrup Glenn, because disaster preparedness – apocalyptic war in this case – is not a hot topic of discussion for most Christians.

Also, because of this, “God Punched Back” is an overview of what will be unveiled in three subsequent books. The series, Northrup Glenn says, is based on her obedience to the Lord and direction from the Holy Spirit regarding the teaching of the Nicolaitans, a necessary overreach of the government fulfilling prophecy in the coded and biblical book of Revelation.

Recognized by the Colorado House of Representatives and named One of 21 Gospel-Driven Businesses by a nationally-circulated Christian ministry magazine, Northrup Glenn’s former God-led business – Authority Staffing – will become the unprecedented and intriguing “kingdom blueprint,” she believes, to move property of the state from mass incarceration, probation, parole and welfare to private-property ownership. That involves Christians freeing themselves and “the least of these” from government bondage in the last days.

Jane Northrup Glenn

The couple lives in Colorado Springs, where they attend New Life Church and Darryl Glenn is an attorney at law. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and a retired Lieutenant Colonel. Glenn had numerous responsibilities during his military tenure; one of them was to perfectly plan and flawlessly execute events surrounding the arrival of world dignitaries.

Similarly, Northrup Glenn says “God Punched Back” is an urgent message for Christians to prepare themselves and the people of the U.S. for the arrival of the highest-ranking dignitary in the natural and supernatural realms – Jesus Christ.

She says the entire foundation for this passage to freedom is predicated on the answer to the question her husband asked would-be constituents on the campaign trail in 2016, “Who do you serve?”

There is increased activity in the supernatural realm as we move closer to the 1000-year reign of Jesus, and the government and political arenas are hot spots,” Northrup Glenn says.

It’s more important now than ever that a political party not be Christians’ strongest influence in determining how to vote and what stances to take on issues. It’s a factor but it should not be where our ultimate direction comes from.”

She says complete submission and obedience to Jesus Christ is especially important heading into the biblical, seven-year-tribulation period.

Every marching order is personal, deliberate and strategic according to the unfolding of ‘Abba Father’s’ will. Sometimes the Lord asks us to do things, even with our votes, that don’t appear to make sense to others. It can be a test of our faith to follow those instructions and tune everyone else out.

I personally know how difficult this is,” says Northrup Glenn, who didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 because, when she asked, God responded ‘neither party’ belongs to him, despite her support for Republican husband Darryl Glenn’s U.S. Senate bid.

Instead, she wrote-in a cartoon character from the show South Park on her ballot.

Darryl Glenn and Jane Northrup Glenn

The couple calls Colorado Springs their home, and they attend New Life Church.

Why this blueprint is important right now is because the Holy Spirit has told and shown me things that lead me to believe that our generation will be the one that sees the beginning of the end – the tribulation,” says Northrup Glenn, who is in her 40s.

It’s helpful, she says, to think of the blueprint in book one as a “bomb shelter” leading up to and during the seven-year tribulation.

God wants to protect us, so he’s telling us how to build it,” says Northrup Glenn, who unveils the blueprint in “God Punched Back.” She explains it in greater detail in book two, “God’s Public Option”.

With counsel from the former director of human resources for the national men’s organization, Promise Keepers, and current owner of a Christian, career-coaching business; from an attorney with membership in the Christian Legal Society, Christian Leadership Alliance, Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations; and from Darryl Glenn who will serve on the executive team, Northrup Glenn says the corporate roll-out of the blueprint – and prototype – in Colorado is nearly ready.

Northrup Glenn says, “Deceit will be thick heading into the end times and the Holy Spirit is helping us discern what is from him. Because the oppressed are special to the Lord, the battle over them will increase and angels and demons will throw even harder blows to determine what their futures look like. We will see a greater movement of God to separate his people from the authority of the government.”

She believes that, as the final days unfold, the tables will turn for the oppressed, who will ultimately lead the elite through what she describes as a “second type of salvation” to the Millennial Kingdom.

Unimaginable wickedness is on its way, and much of it will be dispensed through the government to anyone who has a financial tie to it, Northrup Glenn says.

Based on what she says the Holy Spirit revealed, Northrup Glenn believes future, divinely-inspired legislation will forcibly loose people from the grip of government.

Northrup Glenn, who cites author Michael Snyder’s case for a post-tribulation rapture in his book “The Rapture Verdict,” believes privately-owned houses and land will be places of refuge during the tribulation, and that God is establishing a system to re-route resources to the poor and oppressed.

She says some legislation is deceptive and works against the coming kingdom; much of it involves public-private partnerships, especially “opportunity zones.”

The private sector must separate itself financially from the government and put more stock in God’s return on investment, than on the government (in order) to help people sever bondage to handouts, including their own. “The blueprint in the book will help us carry out that task,” she says.

In an excerpt from “God Punched Back,” Northrup Glenn writes:

We are approaching a time when the United States of America and the U.S. flag will not even be a memory for believers. This will not be due to Democrats or Republicans but to God’s perfect plan to get us home. God is preparing us now to remove the flag from between us and Him and replace it with the cross. Do not misinterpret this. Of course, we can and should be madly and humbly in love with our country because America is the greatest nation in the physical realm, but the United States government will not be recognized in the new heavens and new earth.

However, Satan can and will ultimately destroy the American flag that represents freedom, but he will never and cannot destroy the freedom of the cross. We need to decide between patriotism, which is relative to a nation and a realm, and salvation which is for all nationalities and eternal.”

Regarding prayer, Northrup Glenn, a member of Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network headed by Rebecca Greenwood, an author and founder of Christian Harvest International in Colorado Springs, writes:

We’re seeing an interesting phenomenon in the United States. Ineffective prayers are being scrutinized and they’re a topic of discussion. Christians are publicly speaking and tweeting prayer after mass shootings and natural disasters and many people on the receiving end of those prayers are incensed.

Prayer does not obey the law of diminishing returns. We never reach a point that we’re praying so much that they become less effective so it’s possible that we each need to examine if and why there is a blockage in our personal prayer artery. We are told to pray about everything. However, the Bible is filled with scripture telling us all the ways that our prayer is hindered or blocked: lack of love, pride, selfishness, doubt, disobedience, marital strife, unforgiveness, unconfessed sin, religious legalism, idolatry, injustice and also when our prayers do not bend to the will of God.”

In the book, Northrup Glenn shares her transformation from a “Jesus-lover” that couldn’t pray her “way out of a paper bag” to a powerful intercessory vessel through whom the Lord protects and redirects the lives of her children and others.

Subsequent to the overarching messages in “God Punched Back,” “God’s Public Option” details the why and how of the “kingdom blueprint.”

In it Northrup Glenn writes:

That’s why the Kingdom Blueprint is essential. It’s our protection. Before it becomes our covering, though, it is an instrument to separate the wheat from the chaff in the Christian community.

There will be many separations along the way to the Millennial Kingdom but the easiest test of faithfulness to pass will be deciding to roll up our sleeves to create and implement God’s Public Option – a zero government replacement of the government. We are directed to cut off financial ties between the government and God’s people.

The mark of the beast will come through many forms of financial bondage to the government including seemingly innocuous ties like pensions and government-backed loans.

The movement making the Evangelical case for Christians to re-elect President Trump without a tandem battle cry to order those same voters to construct the Kingdom Blueprint is like the servant who buried his Talent and was struck dead by his master. Disobedience that resulted in a worthless return on investment.

We must not get distracted by the swirling political chaos. President Trump’s mandate may be lifted if he does not repent and submit to Jesus, but we must march double time regardless. Holding the government back by re-establishing Christian community is a massive undertaking that will save many people. We must believe we can do this, with or without President Trump, by believing that God is who He says He is.

God’s Public Option is not a book about signs of the end times or how we can look to biblical history to predict the future. Those are fascinating reads and helpful to understand what is going on in the supernatural realm right now. Instead, this book is a practical guide to preparing for the Tribulation by fulfilling the Blueprint to move property of the State to private property ownership. God’s Public is a detailed explanation of why we need to replace government money with Kingdom money and how to do it throughout the United States of America. Not only is the blueprint a sound business model Option but it’s the physical passage to freedom to the Millennial Kingdom.”

Her contract information is: janenorthrupglenn@gmail.com







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