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In Plain Sight, sexual slavery on our front doorstep

by Janey DeMeo

By Janey DeMeo, Special to ASSIST News Service (Movie Review)

VISTA, CA (ANS – Feb. 18, 2015)In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom is a disturbing and compelling documentary that follows six modern-day abolitionists fighting sex trafficking across the country.

Natalie GrantNarrated by Natalie Grant, the film introduces us to girls who are or were real-life sex-slaves, real life victims of a hellhole lifestyle from which they could find no way out. Their plight comes about mostly because of their destitution and vulnerability, which make them easy prey to evil pimps.

Their stories tell the tale of brokenness and hopelessness – until God pricks the hearts of some several women across America who – each in their own way – feel God’s call of compassion on their hearts so strongly, they just have to do something.

In Plain Sight shows what that “something” looks like and how it changes lives. Drastically.

Six abolitionists—women from various walks of life and none with any expertize with regard to sex-trafficking—feel constrained by the Holy Spirit to create a home for girls wanting out from sexual slavery. The testimonies of these ladies and the girls they pour their lives into are stunning. In a culture where evil is
often rendered banal or even deemed as good, where sexual slavery is glorified (think Fifty Shades of Grey and The Family Guy), the girls stories offer hope.  They highlight the power of redemption.

Narrator and co-executive producer, Natalie Grant says, “The reality is that children are being ravaged day in and day out. If you have a heart beating on the inside of you, I don’t understand how this couldn’t be important to you.”

David Trotter, co-executive producer, adds, “Most Americans are completely oblivious to the fact that thousands of women and children are enslaved within their own communities. This isn’t limited to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. We’re talking about cities across America – from Sacramento to Little Rock to
Baltimore – where the unthinkable is happening.”

In Plain Sight does more than just bring awareness about the huge problem of sex trafficking in America; it rattles you. It disrupts your self-comfort and shakes you up. It marks you—hopefully in a way that you’ll get involved in some small or big way to help prisoners of the sex traffic trade.

Learn more about In Plain Sight and watch the trailer here: www.Wordfilms.com or www.inplainsightfilm.com.

Photo caption: Natalie Grant

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