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In the Midst of War, Hardship and Evil in the Middle East, God is Still Working

by ANS Editor
By Jeremy Reynalds, Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service (jeremyreynalds@gmail.com)  
AMMAN, JORDAN  (ANS. APRIL 7, 2015) According to a newsletter from Isam Ghattas of Jordan-based Manara Ministries, on one recent Friday afternoon, 275 Christian Iraqi Refugees gathered in a school hall. Manara provided a hot meal for them as they listened to Easter themed hymns.
Each family also received a food packet, a gallon of drinking water, clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items.
Manara said one of the Iraqi women assisted said , “We were never taught to hate, we were never taught violence; even when ISIS took every-thing we had and left us nothing, we still forgive them and pray for them. This is what Jesus taught us, that is what we do. Luke 6:26 ‘Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.’”
Ghattas said that preparing for these camps “is no easy task.” Part of the preparation is providing training sessions for the counselors who will be serving in the camps.”
Ghattas said the most recent training included 90 counselors. One of the most important topics that many people struggle with was discussed; media and its effects on children today.
Trip to Erbil
On a recent trip to Erbil in North Iraq, Manara said Ghattas and American ministry partners visited several refugee camps. In one camp, the refugees were approaching desperation, as no one had sent them aid for weeks on end.
Manara said that the relief they felt after they received the packages was obvious on their faces.
Ghattas said, “We also were able to visit the mobile clinic, where we witnessed around 100 people arrive for help in two hours. There refugees have been waiting for months to receive treatment. People suffered from all sorts of illnesses, men, women and children were given the proper treatment, free of charge. Through this … they were given hope to live another day.”
Gilead Camp Counselors Training Sessions
The Manara newsletter said that a large number of children ranging between eight and 18 enjoy camping in Gilead every summer. 
For a few days it is their home; a place where they make live changing decisions and build lasting friendships.
The ministry asked for prayer for the preparations for the upcoming camps.
Ghattas said the ministry is also working on a number of projects attempting to comfort and support as many Christian refugees as possible. 
Ghattas concluded the letter by saying, “Pray for all the Christian Iraqi refugees who have suffered, and are still suffering from what has taken place.”
For more information visit www.hope-builders.org/contribute. You may also email projects@manarainternational.org
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