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Israel Rising

by Janey DeMeo

There are many reasons I love Doug Hershey’s book, Israel Rising. Here are some of them.

Israel Rising illustrates fulfilled Bible prophecy through scenic photos that transport us to that tiny nation, Israel, which is the central focus of prophecy. But just seventy years ago, those prophecies seemed far from reality. Today they have come to pass with remarkable accuracy.

Prophecy—especially as it unfolds before our eyes—is a powerful faith-builder. Israel is God’s prophetic clock and her seventieth anniversary last year served as a reminder of that. God’s Word is true and His predictions always have, and always will, come to pass. Every time. Israel Rising confirms that.

Hershey weaves Bible passages, long and short, throughout the book. Photographs of Israel before and after her birth are placed alongside Scriptures; thus enabling the reader to see the fulfillment of God’s Word in this land. Within just seven decades, the landscape is not only revived, it is transformed.

In Ezekiel 37, for example, God speaks directly to the land of Israel detailing the ways in which she would change. In the side-by-side comparative pictures, we observe it for ourselves. For centuries, Israel lay barren. But in 1948, the Jews returned and turned her into a fruitful, flowery, industrious, innovative, diverse nation.

Highlights of this book include:

* Israel is God’s prophetic time clock.

* “Before and after” photos of the land support prophecy.

* Photographs that capture the land’s exquisite and diverse beauty—as well as stories about encounters with several locals—transport you to Israel.

* A woven thread upholding the revelation of God’s fulfilled promises to His people.

* Bible texts supporting the idea that it is the Jewish people’s right to live in Israel.

This large coffee table book would make a great gift for anyone interested in Bible prophecy, Israel, eschatology, apologetics, teaching Bible or just those wanting to grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

I highly recommend Israel Rising.

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