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Muslims flock to Jesus in response to Islamic State

by Mark Ellis

By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS – June 25, 2015) — Some experts predict Islam will be the largest religion in the world. But Islam is facing a dilemma because of the atrocities committed by Islamic State in the name of Allah, which has left some Muslims questioning their faith.

Mission scholars say more Muslims have converted to Christianity since 9/11 than during the entire 14 centuries of Islamic history, according to a report by CBN News.

Many keep their faith in Jesus a closely guarded secret, fearing retribution from other hardline Muslims. In London, CBN News talked to Imram (no last name given to protect his identity), a British college student from a Pakistani immigrant family.

Imram left Islam after his study of the Koran left serious doubts about its veracity. “If someone leaves Islam and becomes an apostate, he is thrown out of his family; his family will be the first ones to abandon him,” Imran told CBN.

“His friends will reject him and he will be killed or he will be persecuted. A lot of my friends said, ‘This is the last time I’m talking to you because you disrespected the prophet Mohammed, you disrespected Islam.’”

Imran is studying the Bible and has concluded that Christianity is more credible than Islam, even though he hasn’t yet decided to follow Jesus.

Some disenchanted former Muslims are becoming atheists. But others find the grace, truth and power of God’s love is irresistible.

In Sweden, Pastor Fouad Rasho of Angered Alliance Church, himself an immigrant from Syria, has baptized more than 100 ex-Muslims. He said because of Islamic State, many Muslims are coming to Christ.

“Every week I meet one or more persons who come to me and want to know more about Christianity and the Bible because they are very angry about being a Muslim. They don’t want to continue to be Muslim,” Imran told CBN.


About the writer: Mark Ellis is a senior correspondent for the ASSIST News Service and also the founder of www.Godreports.com,  a website that shares stories, testimonies and videos from the church around the world to build interest and involvement in world missions.

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