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My Challenge to UN Conference About the Plight of Persecuted Christians

by ANS Editor

By Adrian Hawkes, Special to the ASSIST News Service

Adrian Hawkes speaks at the UNNEW YORK CITY, NY (ANS — May 10, 2015) — A few years ago, a friend who worked in the United Nations took me around; I got to see the tourist bits and the items that the tourist doesn’t usually see. I found it all very interesting — from the Twisted Gun at the entrance a gift from Luxembourg in 1988 — to the big chamber with all the member nations listed including the seat for the Palestinian authority and the Holy See.

It was therefore a privilege this year to be invited by the Eng. Aja Eze Foundation and the Global Strategic Alliance to attend and speak at a public event hosted in the UN by Dr, Caleb Otto, the permanent representative to the UN from the Republicof Palau, particularly as I was able to share about persecuted Christians around the world.

The topic was The Persecution of Christians Globally: A threet to International Peace and Security, and  as speaker after speaker noted, not enough attention given to it by the Press, the nations of the world, or the UN, with the exception of specialist stories from the likes of the ASSIST News Service and Charisma magazine.

During my time at the podium, my plea to the UN conference in my speech was that we need to take note of the statistics as to what is really happening with those who are minorities in many countries, and especially to note where the refugees are going with regard to the current crisis in the Middle East which is:

* There are nearly 4 million Syrian refugees

* Lebanon took over 1 million 700 thousand

*Turkey has over 1 Million 600 thousand

* Over 200 thousand have fled to Iraq

* Egypt has over 136,000

I also wanted to make the plea for the richer countries of the West to also do more to help. I live in the United Kingdom, the fifth richest country in the world, and as I pointed out, the UK, I understand, took in 50 Syrian refugees, yes that was 50 not 50,000 and my company had 5% of those that’s 2 people by the way.

UN from Adrian HawkesIs the world asleep do we know for example that the world currently has more displaced people and refugees than in World War 2. We said then never again, but it is here again.

Do we know also that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world with an average of 180 being killed each month just because they are Christians. (Source Open Doors USA). Did we also know that more Christians were martyred in the 20th Century than in all other centuries combined. (Source Christianity.com)

I noted that the UN already has on paper the declaration 47/135 that requires all minorities’, such as Christians, Jews, Yazidi’s, Shia or Sunni, should be protected and countries where they live should protect them and make sure the laws of each state does so.

“However, it’s not happening, and this persecution must stop,” I said.

I also made the point that be we nations or individuals supplying tents is not the sufficient answer it’s a stop gap, we both as nations and as individuals have to get our hands dirty. We have to have answers, even if it means taking these refugees into our countries for a time. My main point to the UN conference was that these are people, not images on our TV or statistics, but real people and when you look into their eyes as I do and feel a little of the real pain, strain and pressure then you cannot but help.

To watch Adrian’s speech, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJeGT7liLUo

Photo captions: 1) Adrian speaking at the UN conference. 2) Inside the conference at the UN. 3) Adrian and Pauline Hawkes.

Adrian Pauline1 FixAbout the writer: Adrian Hawkes is married to Pauline — Dan Wooding was best man at their wedding — and they have three children, 10 Grandchildren and two Great Grandchildren. He is still part of the Rainbow Church North London which he used to lead and he also works with Sri Lankan churches in France, Switzerland, Norway, Canada and Sri Lanka, as well as a church in Norway. He helped to form Phoenix Community Care Ltd, which looks after some 30+ unaccompanied minors, and vulnerable adults in housing in North London; alongside his wife Pauline, he established PCC Foster Care agency and recently launched London Training Consortium Ltd., which trains refugees and asylum seekers with ESOL, IT, and Literacy. He has also written various books including: “Leadership and.,” “Attracting Training: Releasing Youth,” “The Jacob Generation,” “HELLO is that you God?”, “Culture Clash,” and his first, fiction book, “ICEJACKED. He can be contacted by e-mail at: adrianhawkes@phoenixcommunity.co.uk

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