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‘My School’ is a Safe Place To Learn and Grow

by ANS Editor

By Michael Ireland, Senior Reporter, ASSIST News Service www.assistnews.net

EASTON, MD (ANS, December 16, 2015) — Conflict throughout the Middle East and North Africa has resulted in more than 15 million displaced people, reports www.sat7usa.org.

The broadcast outlet says more than half are children, many separated from family members, friends, and the homes they once thought to be safe.

The SAT-7 KIDS motto, “where your children are safe,” holds more importance than ever before. Now, thanks to the support of believers around the world, Kids watching My SchoolSAT-7 KIDS is a safe place for children to grow and learn.

SAT-7 says ‘My School’ is a daily SAT-7 KIDS program which televises educational lessons to young children at a crucial period in their development.

The SAT-7 website states, “When a family has been chased from their home and their child is unable to attend school, SAT-7 KIDS provides the support for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, creating a brighter future.”

The program provides necessary education in Math, English, and Arabic to ensure children will not fall behind when they are able to return to school. “Educating kids will make them less susceptible to radicalism,” the website says.

Children will also learn to respect one another through ‘My School’ programs. By watching an energetic Christian teacher, viewers (kids and their parents) will discover first hand to associate Christians with kindness and learning.

“While other media sources may paint a bleak picture of Christians, SAT-7 KIDS leads by example,” the website says.

‘My School’ also serves as an introduction to Christian television. One parent explained, “My School time is like a sacred place for my kids. No one is allowed to visit us.”

Viewers comment that once their children come home, the television stays on SAT-7 KIDS until bedtime. “Friendly hosts and a welcoming message of truth are irresistible,” the site says.

The broadcast ministry says: “With so many fleeing for their lives, thank you for making this safe refuge available to children in the Middle East and North Africa. You are planting a seed of hope and kindness in the future generation. These MENA (Middle East North Africa) children know what they are fleeing from, now they will know they are seeking refuge in Christ.”

Photo captions: Middle Eastern children enjoy watching ‘My School’ TV program (SAT-7 photo). 2) Michael Ireland.

Michael Ireland small useAbout the Writer: Michael Ireland is a Senior Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service, as well as a volunteer Internet Journalist and Ordained Minister who has served with ASSIST Ministries and ASSIST News Service since its beginning in 1989. He has reported for ANS from Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Israel, Jordan, China, and Russia. Click http://paper.li/Michael_ASSIST/1410485204 to see a daily digest of Michael’s stories for ANS.

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