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On World Hunger Day pandemic-hit families fear starvation

by Gospel for Asia

Wills Point, USA (ANS) –  India’s devastating “second wave” of COVID-19 is overshadowing another deadly tsunami of suffering — rampant hunger, according to GFA World.

GFA World supports efforts to help thousands starving in “deep silence”

The humanitarian agency reports growing desperation across India as it supports efforts to feed those facing starvation amid the pandemic’s continuing onslaught. The Texas-based organization has helped feed hundreds of thousands since the pandemic began.

“As COVID-19 ravages India, we’re seeing hunger on a massive scale,” said Bishop Danny Punnose, vice president of GFA World, spotlighting the accelerating crisis on World Hunger Day, May 28.

In the nation’s pandemic hotspots, so-called “corona curfews” and lockdowns make it very difficult to get groceries — even if people have cash to spend.

‘Deep Silence’ Everywhere

“Markets are closed… no shopkeepers are willing to open their shops. People are struggling to get grocery items. (There’s) deep silence at all places,” local relief workers reported.

In India’s densely populated Uttar Pradesh state, local church members are going door-to-door, delivering free meals to COVID-impacted families in strict quarantine.

Many day laborers — among the poorest of the poor — have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, have no source of income, and no other way to get food.

Fear Grows

“The fear of going hungry, for many, is as great as the fear of the virus,” said Bishop Punnose. “Working alongside the government of India, we’re doing all we can to help relieve suffering and show people the love of God.”

Heartbroken parents were watching their children “starving to death before their eyes,” he said.

World Hunger Day — an annual awareness event — says 690 million people worldwide face chronic hunger, reportedly killing more than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined.

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