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Over Thirty Million Viewers in Less Than One Year!

by ANS Editor

News release from the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (http://hsbn.tv) – For Immediate Release

Bishop Andrew Bills and wifeORANGE COUNTY, CA (ANS – Feb. 26, 2016) – While some people’s dreams never seem to take off, Bishop Andrew Bills’, dreams blast through the stratosphere. Founder of The Holy Spirit Broadcast Network (HSBN), Bishop Bills, along with the help from a handful of volunteers, has managed to grow an Internet television network from a God-inspired idea to a fully operating Christian network, reaching over 90 countries, with 3 million viewers enjoying in about ten months.

With the addition of establishing The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network’s own channel on ROKU, the network now has the potential of up to 30 million more viewers. If that’s not impressive enough, add the fact that Bishop Bills has also produced 35 original programs that are broadcast along with content from popular ministries and more.

HSBN’s entire program line-up is biblically based, family-friendly shows, available 24 hours a day seven days a week. The Saturday lineup (which translates to another day in other parts of the world) is entirely for children. Additionally, HSBN has over 35 original premier programs for children and adult viewers.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would accomplish all that we have,” Bishop Bills stated. “When the Lord asked me to launch a worldwide Christian television network, my response was ‘But Lord, I don’t have any money to take on a task like that.” Bishop Bills explains that next he heard the Lord say, “But you have Me.” Based on Bishop Bills’ history with the Lord, he simply took the first step. Bishop adds, “As we’ve said many times, we’ve been building the plane while flying it, and God has honored our obedience.”

Obedience to a vision that is ever expanding, is an amazing undertaking. But more, many have caught Bishop Bills’ vision and are diligently working to help make every bit of it a reality. Bishop Bills is the first to recognize those who have sacrificially helped, not the least of which is his wife, Pastor Ann Marie Bills, co-founder of HSBN. Her response, “I’ve never had to step out in faith quite like this before. I have a better understanding of what Abraham must have felt like! We’ve given up a great deal to invest in the Network, but for the number of lives impacted with the gospel message, and the amazing group of people who have come along side us, the sacrifice is well worth it.”

Bishop Bills explained, “We are led by the Holy Spirit of God to reach the lost, disciple the saints, edify believers and equip the churches through the usage of media.” The Network includes HSBN.TV, the flag ship, along with HSBN radio, book publishing and ministry education, with short films also planned for the Network.

March 2nd marks the one-year anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout the entire month. Bishop Bills regularly expresses gratitude for the volunteers, programmers and viewers who have helped make all this possible. “We will never stop growing,” Bishop Bills exclaims with his massive hand raised as if making an oath. “We welcome new broadcasters and programmers, for both radio and television, and aspiring authors. It’s a mandate from God that HSBN exist to help promote ministries that would otherwise be unknown. We can’t have too many Christian efforts seeking to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus, so we don’t believe in ‘Christian competition.”

HSBN logoHSBN has created an innovative new model for Programmers, that includes shared revenue, and intentionally low-cost for broadcasters. In addition to the partnership between Programmers and The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, funding for operations are augmented through donors, and by the free-will giving of viewers. HSBN.TV has a dedicated staff ready to respond to prayer requests, questions and comments. HSBN.TV enthusiasts can reach the network through any of four ways: our web site www.HSBN.TV; by phone (877) 588-1664; by email to info@hsbn.tv or; via our ground mail address, P. O. Box 6811, Orange, CA, 92863, USA.

The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network is a California, USA, religious non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Potential broadcasters, crew members, sponsors or with others can contact The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network at info@hsbn.tv.

Writer: Pamela Christian, Director Business Development for HSBN

Photo captions: Bishop Andrew Bills with his wife, Pastor Ann Marie Bills. 2) Logo.

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