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Resurrect Your Dead Marriage

by Nico Bougas

Nico Bougas, Special to ASSIST News Service

Reginald ReneaMorrisoutdoorsCINCINNATI, OH, CRS/Unite 17 (ANS – June 30, 2017) — Marriage problems, pain and heartbreak. While we like to think being a Christian should make a difference, statistics say otherwise. Research has shown that Christians are not very different from non-believers when it comes to how often they divorce, and even their acceptance of it.

Yet there is hope, say authors Reginald and Renea Morris, even for a marriage that appears to be dead.

“Jesus is an expert in raising the dead,” author Reginald Morris reminds us, who with his wife Renea wrote Resurrect Your Dead Marriage, a newly released book from Carpenter’s Son Publishing.

Even when it means overcoming infidelity, rekindling love in a spouse’s broken heart, and getting past the pain?

Yes, the couple says, speaking from personal experience. Reginald and Renea Morris say their own 30-year marriage has survived three separations and a contested divorce, joyfully resurrected against seemingly insurmountable odds. Now happily married and going strong, the authors wrote Resurrect Your Dead Marriage to share what they learned and the 30 biblical principles that connect troubled marriages with the uncompromising transformative work that God can’t wait to do for marriages.

Drawing on scriptural principles and examples, the book looks deeper into the relationship a Christian couple has to see the standing of each individual in Christ and in the church, in a world where the enemy seeks to defeat believers.

resureect your dead marriage bookcoversmaller“Restoration of love in the body of Christ is the underlying message of this book.” Says Morris. “If we truly believed the Bible, we would realize how ridiculous it is to think we can divorce one another and believe it is somehow going to be OK with the Lord, when we are going to be spending eternity with one another?”

They share hurts, mistakes and what they discovered so that others can leverage these same principles and get these same Christ-led results working for them. There are chapters that explain how to overcome infidelity, build a bridge of love and how to get a broken-hearted spouse to come home again.

As authors they outline principles and lovingly challenge common assumptions and attitudes. They do this with candor as they tell their own story of pain and heartbreak, giving God the glory but cautioning that this process takes work and humility, and above all trust in God.

“You will need to love what seems unlovable, believe what seems impossible, stay patient when it appears that the circumstances aren’t working and maintain fellowship with other believers even if it is the last thing you feel like doing”, says Reginald.

With alternating chapters by each of them, Renea adds her own perspective.

ReginaldMorris“More than a testimony of one couple’s victory over a dead marriage, this book is a revelation to the body of Christ about how to reign as a kingdom people and resist today’s common worldview on marriage, separation, and divorce,” said Renea.

Reginald and Renea are founding pastors of Restoration Church International, Athens, Ohio, a fellowship of believers that encourages people to become all they were created to be. Their ministry to marriage, under the umbrella of Reginald Morris Ministries, offers hope and support for couples but also provides additional resources for the church in its vital role to help couples bring glory to God through their marriages.

More information about the book is available at: www.reginaldmorris.com 

Photo captions: 1) The authors, Reginald and Renea Morris. 2) Book cover. 3) Reginald Morris. 4) Nico Bougas with his wife, Bee, to whom he had been married for 44 years. They have four wonderful children — George, Benjie, Jonty and Tami.

Nico Bougas with wifeAbout the writer: Nico Bougas is the International Development Director for Hellenic Ministries. He has a master’s degree in communication from Wheaton Graduate School and M. Div and D. Min degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary. He is the author of five books. He previously worked for Youth for Christ in South Africa and was Editor of In Magazine and Christian Living TODAY and currently serves as Consulting Editor for JOY Magazine and a Trustee for Radio CCFM and was one of the founders of Sports Outreach Africa. He previously served on the national executive of the SA Association of Evangelists and as a Trustee for the Bible Institute of South Africa and on the advisory board for the South African Theological Seminary and on the executive of The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (SA). For further information, please contact: nico@bougas.info 

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