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SOS — We Need Your Urgent Help to Continue, Part 2

by Dan Wooding

By Dan Wooding, Founder of the ASSIST News Service

Norma and Dan Wooding useLAKE FOREST, CA (ANS – May 4, 2017) – A few days ago, I sent out a message that we at ANS, are facing an unprecedented crisis in that our funds are at the lowest for many years, and unless we got some urgent funding within the next few days, we may have to close down our news service.

We keep our expenses down to a minimum, and none of our writers, including myself, get a regular salary, but we trust the Lord to provide for us via our friends and churches who believe in what we do.

I am glad to say that several of our ANS friends from all over the world have rallied to our support and also sent some wonderful messages of encouragement saying that we MUST NOT CLOSE ANS. Many of them also backed it up with donations.

We are so grateful for their kindness, as these gifts will go some way to us being able to meet our expenses, which include office rent, insurance, phone and Internet costs, but we are still around $5,000 short of covering all our expenses, and so ensuring the future of ANS, something I am sure you would all welcome.

I know that so many of you would not wish ANS to close down, as it is one of the only ways you can get information about the dire situation our brothers and sisters are facing. They are pleading with us to continue bringing you this vital news so you can pray for them, and also get behind them in their desperate time of need.

So, I am coming back to you to see if you could help get us over the line, especially if you appreciate what we do (and have done for more than 25 years now). Whether you are media who use our stories, or individuals who enjoy and are challenged and blessed by our many stories, please prayerfully consider making an urgent and generous donation to ASSIST (tax deductible in the US) to help us continue, and so ensure that we will not have to close our doors.

All you need to do is go to www.assistnews.net and then scroll down the page until you see DONATE TO ASSIST NEWS, and there you can put in the amount you wish to give as one-off, or monthly offering. I know that many of you would prefer to make out a check, so please do so to ASSIST, and then mail it to: PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609, USA. (If you are sending a check, would you mind letting me know by e-mail at assistnews@aol.com, what you are kindly sending, so I can tell my dear wife Norma, our volunteer administrator, that the gifts are coming in.)

I want to thank you in advance for standing with us in this time of crisis, and, by doing so, you will be allowing ANS to continue our Kingdom work. Yours will be a “Gift of Hope.”

Our full name is Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times, and your gift will be doing just that. You will be aiding these “Special Saints” in what are the most “Strategic Times” many of us can remember.

Blessings from Dan and Norma Wooding (www.assistnews.net)

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