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Strawberry Fields Forever and a Hole in the ground in North Korea

by Dan Wooding

By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service

Dan and Norma outside Strawberry Field smallerLAKE FOREST, CA (ANS – October 24, 2017) – I recently mentioned in a story for ANS that when I am in Liverpool, England, a city I once lived in as a child after moving there in 1942 from my birthplace, Nigeria, I always head, with my wife, Norma, to Strawberry Field, a former Salvation Army children’s home, which was immortalized by John Lennon, with his iconic song Strawberry Fields Forever.

It is a place where John played as a child when he lived with his Aunt Mimi in Menlove Avenue, close to this former Salvation Army home for children. When John heard the band playing, he would climb over the fence into Strawberry Field and play with the kids there.

He is reported to have once told one of them, “When I grow up, I’ll have my own band,” which turned out to be true, and it was with them that he penned the famous song, and added an “s” to the title, making it Strawberry Fields Forever.

Sadly, the children’s home has long been closed, and John has left this earth, but now the Salvation Army has announced that Strawberry Field, where thousands of Beatles fans sit by its gate each year, is now to be turned into a Salvation Army center for mentally-challenged people and also a Beatles museum, which will feature pictures of John being there as a young boy. I hope to be one of the first visitors to the museum once it is completed.

North Korean choose between the cross and Kim Jong unBesides, featuring Strawberry Field, Mark Ellis, one of our Senior Correspondents, has just released an extraordinary story about how some underground Christians in North Korea have literally been conducting secret meetings — under the ground. They dig a hole, clamber in, study the Bible there, and quietly hum hymns together. This is not surprising as North Korea is the world’s most dangerous place to be a Christian, especially with the saber-rattling of its young and despotic leader, Kim Jong-un.

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Photo captions: 1) Dan and Norma Wooding at the gate of Strawberry Field in Liverpool. 2) People in North Korea have to choose between the cross or Kim Jong-un. 3) Dan Wooding recording his “Front Page Radio” show at KWVE.

Dan at KWVE smallerAbout the writer: Dan Wooding, 76, is an award-winning author, broadcaster and journalist, who was born in Nigeria, West Africa, of British missionary parents, Alfred and Anne Wooding, who then worked with the Sudan Interior Mission, now known as SIM. Dan now lives in Southern California with his wife Norma, to whom he has been married for some 54 years. They have two sons, Andrew and Peter, and six grandchildren who all live in the UK. Dan is the founder/president of the ASSIST News Service (ANS), and is also the author of numerous books. He has a radio show and two television programs, all based in Southern California. Dan lived in Liverpool for several years after arriving there from Nigeria, and his sister, Ruth, along with her husband, Allen Ross, still live in the city.

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