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The Indispensable Prayers of the Church

by ANS Editor

Prayer Thoughts: A monthly memo to encourage us in our prayer life

By Colin Stott, Special to ASSIST News Service

MURRIETA, CA (ANS – October 14, 2015) — True prayer, simply put, is praying what God desires. When He wants to do a work whether great or small, He puts the desire in the hearts of His people to pray for that work, and He is the One who answers those prayers.

Reaching out in prayer Colin StottTrue prayer always begins with God and involves all members of the Godhead. The Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are interceding continually in agreement with the Father’s will. But their prayers, dare I say it, (gasp) don’t seem to be enough! This is because God has brought His Church into the loop. He has made her prayers indispensable for carrying out His will.

God delights in His people and wants to involve us in all He is doing. Before moving ahead with His divine plans, He waits until He has the Amen of His people. This is much the same as a loving husband who wants his bride to share in the decisions of their life together. God too wants His Son’s Bride to participate fully in His work and He does this through her prayers. This is good preparation for when we reign with Him in eternity.

Another reason that our prayers are indispensable is that God has made us joint heirs with His Son, whom He appointed as heir of all things. Joint heirs of an estate cannot act independently. All must be in agreement before any action can be taken. In the same way God will not override our rights as joint heirs. He waits to act until He has our agreement in prayer.

What an awesome responsibility we have as intercessors. Our prayers restrain the enemy and soften hearts of those opposed to the gospel. They release workers and resources for God’s work. They change the hearts of kings and governments. God rules the nations through the prayers of the Church!

If our prayers are indispensable, then we must make time to pray. Intercession must be the primary work of the Church. God implores us to pray at all times and for all things. The courts of Heaven wait for us to pray. As we fulfill our high calling as God’s royal priesthood, we can expect that God’s will, which is being done in Heaven, will soon become a reality here on earth.

Photo captions: 1) Reaching out in prayer. 2) Colin Stott.

Colin StottAbout the writer: Colin Stott is International Prayer Coordinator for Global Recordings Network (GRN), a mission that provides audio Bible stories in over six thousand languages and dialects. Colin was born in England. He and his wife Patti make their home in Murrieta in southern California. For more information about GRN and using its materials visit www.globalrecordings.net . For more information about reprinting this article and others in this series on prayer, contact Colin at colinstott@globalrecordings.net 

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