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This Pastor’s Advice For Creating Christmas Memories

by Steve Rees
Amy Boyett Wiggins, a pastors' wife and daughter, says their are gifts as good as those under the Christmas tree

It’s Pastor Amy Boyett Wiggins goal to make Christmas memorable with good food, words and memories. She shares her words of wisdom in a survival-guide- to- the- holidays sermon.

Both a daughter and wife of southern pastors, this Louisiana-born mother of four offers five points on enjoying the Christmas season – based on her childhood memories and adult traditions. Wrapped gifts placed under a Christmas tree aren’t the greatest ones; words, in fact, may be more valuable.

Watch as she explains why:

The words written about the birth of the Lord Jesus in Luke 2:1-20, and words written to family members remain long after the Christmas tree is hauled to the curb, says Pastor Amy Boyett Wiggins.

Her husband, Pastor Jonathan Wiggins, tells Rez.Church his wife preaching a Christmas message is the best he has to offer.

Boyett Wiggins remembers reading for the first time Luke 2. “The youngest child always got to read the Christmas story,” she says. “It took me 20 minutes to read it, stumbling over the words, but I did fine with my daddy close by.”

Another tradition is writing Christmas letters to family members.

“Say what you need to say,” she says. “You never know when a conversation with a family member will be the last one.”

One year, letters were the only gifts the family exchanged. “Our youngest son taped the letter he received above his bed, reading it every night,” she says.


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