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Urgent message from Dan Wooding

by Dan Wooding

By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service

LAKE FOREST, CA (ANS – July 28, 2017) — Dear ANS friends:

I do hope you are keeping well.

I am contacting you in this way, as we are in urgent need of your generous help to have our website tuned-up and updated, something that is very important to all of us, as, at present, none of writers are able to input their own stories, meaning I am spending hours doing it for them.

This has been taking up valuable time during which I could be writing my own stories, and also spending time with my son, Peter, and his family, who are over from the UK on a vacation.

The immediate financial need for this work to be immediately carried out is $700, which we don’t have available at present, so I wondered if you would you please consider a gift (tax-deductible in US) for either the whole amount, or whatever you are able to give.

There are two ways you can donate: Firstly, just go to www.assistnews.net and then scroll down to where it says DONATE TO ASSIST NEWS and enter the amount you are able to give, or, secondly, if you prefer a check, just make it out to ASSIST and mail it to PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609, USA.

By the way, if you are able to send a check, please drop me a line at assistnews@aol.com telling me the amount you have been able to donate, so I will be able to tally up what is coming in, and then once the full amount has come in, I’ll be able to get the work started on our website, and our writers will then be able to start inputting their own stories again.

Thank you in advance for your help. It will be deeply appreciated.


Dan Wooding (www.assistnews.net)

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