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Well-known South Korean pastor’s books displayed at the 2018 New Delhi World Book Fair

by ANS Editor

The Rev. Jaerock Lee’s books in Hindi were a big attraction for visitors

By John Kim, Special to ASSIST NEWS Service

New Delhi World Book Fair 2018 smallerNEW DELHI, INDIA (ANS — January 22, 2018) — The 26th 2018 New Delhi World Book Fair, that was held from January 6 to 14 at the centrally located Pragati Maidan, a venue for large exhibitions and conventions in New Delhi, India, and there its MSS publisher, Urim Books’ local cooperative company, displayed Rev. Jaerock Lee’s books, including My Life, My Faith and Hell, that recently have been published in Hindi and attracted many visitors.

My Life, My Faith, which is an autobiography of well-known South Korean pastor, the Rev. Jaerock Lee, has been published in 40 languages through publsihers like Baruch (Ukraine), VRP (Vietnam), Naos (Brazil), and Urim Books (South Korea).

According to a book review by Ron Standerfer for Blogger News Network, there were two recurring themes in Rev. Lee’s story during the years, and they were that he, and his church, evolved from a small country church in Korea, to a religious behemoth with a global presence.

One theme was the constant stream of faith healing that Rev. Lee used to harvest converts and in later years, massive crusades in such countries as Uganda, India, Russia, Germany, Peru, Republic of Congo, U.S., and Israel just to name a few. The latter were extremely well attended

2002 India Crusade with Rev Dr Jaerock Lee smallerAlso, “The 2002 Miracle Healing Prayer Festival,” held in at Marina Beach in Chennai, India, brought together more than three million people over four days) and Uganda crusade drew the attention of news networks worldwide, including CNN.

Hell has been published in 38 languages through like Andi (Indonesia), Word of Christ (India), MSS (India), MMP (Malaysia), Urim Books USA (US), and Urim Books (Korea).

Dr. Jaerock Lee received the detailed description of Heaven and Hell by offering up countless times of fasting and prayer and he then published Heaven I & Heaven II and Hell. Through the publications, he has led countless souls to the way of salvation.

Rev Jaerock Lees Books in Hindi and English smallerUrim Books is in business cooperation with Amazon India (https://www.amazon.in/), MSS, the largest Christian book distribution channel for Hindi speakers, and Word of Christ publisher, the 2nd largest Christian publisher in India.

During the fair, Urim Books entered into partnership with Shishyashram publishers (http://www.shishyashram.com/en/), about the distribution of Rev. Lee’s books.

Photo captions: 1) 26th 2018 New Delhi World Book Fair. 2) The 2002 Miracle Healing Prayer Festival held in India. 3) Rev. Jaerock Lee’s books in Hindi and English edition displayed in 2018 New Delhi World Book Fair.

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