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Witnessing the awe and splendor of creation at today’s total solar eclipse

by Bonnie Dawson

By Bonnie Brown, Special to ASSIST News Service

Dave Henrys camera smallerCASPER, WYOMING (ANS – August 21, 2017) — Gathered with a dozen friends in Casper, Wyoming, today, I had the privilege of seeing the total solar eclipse.

Dave Henry, a professional photographer for Canon, and my old friend, gave us all lessons in how to get the best shots. He informed us about what was happening and gave us the timeline.

Partial eclipse smallerWe were fortunate to have a cloud-free sky to see this amazing change from light to dark in a moment. We planted ourselves for two hours in a field on our friend’s ranch and with protective glasses viewed the first contact at 10:22 AM. This is the point when you could see the moon touch the sun’s edge. The second contact was at 11:40 AM when the moon crossed over the sun and the trailing edge touched the side it entered.

Two minutes later the moon covered the sun, it got dark, the temperature dropped, the flowers closed, the birds didn’t sing, and we took off our protective glasses to watch the most beautiful spectacle above us. It was surreal and quiet and planets were brightly shining.

Ecyclipse smallerPeople in the distance were cheering. This unique moment lasted two-and-a-half-minutes, but we wished it could be frozen in time. The awe and splendor of creation and God’s sovereignty fell on me with a peaceful force.

Rattle snakeI almost missed the whole event after traveling such a long way. Ten minutes before first contact, I bent down to set my things on the ground and a rattlesnake coiled, hissed and struck out at me. I jumped back in time, screamed and thankfully it missed. I was so shaken and reminded in a very strong way that in this world as God is about to display His Splendor and Glory, Satan, as a serpent, is always hiding and ready to strike. We must always be on guard with our full armor to stand strong against the enemy.

Photo captions: 1) Dave Henry’s camera. 2) Partial eclipse. 3) The total solar eclipse. 4) The snake. 5) Bonnie photographing the eclipse.

Bonnie photographing eclipseAbout the writer: Bonnie Brown is the author of “Giigle,” a humorous account of massaging Google into a fortune. She runs a private foundation dedicated to loving those that Jesus died for. She travels on adventures with the real “Indiana Jones”, Bob Cornuke, helping him uncover Biblical artifacts. She has lived a long, meaningful 44 years of serving God. She has started a Christian School, spoken on the occult, children’s toys, and the school voucher system. She worked at a winery, ran a messenger service and was a masseuse. She is a businesswoman, mom and grandmother and is currently waiting on God to give her the next adventure.

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