7-24 Uzbekistan: Another Jailing, Large Fines for Meeting Upheld, More Confiscations

Igor Kulyada, a Baptist from Uzbekistan s capital Tashkent, was jailed for three days from July 3-6, Forum 18 News Service has learned.
7-24 Free at Last! Sudan ’apostasy’ woman Meriam Ibrahim arrives in Rome, meets Pope

Meriam Ibrahim is free at last. She arrived in Rome, Italy, today (Thursday, July 24), with her family, after being spared a death sentence for renouncing Islam.
7-24 ISIS, Kurds Clash Near Assyrian Town, 2000 Assyrian Families Driven From Mosul
ISIS and Kurdish forces clashed yesterday at about 10 PM on the outskirts of Tel Kepe, an Assyrian town 13 miles north of Mosul.
7-24 Urgent prayer requested for Talking Bibles Vice President of Operations

Paul Hoekstra, Vice President of Operations at Talking Bibles, a ministry dedicated to providing God’s spoken Word in single-voice audio recordings of the Bible, was involved in a serious automobile accident in Hungary on Friday, July 18.
7-23 Lucifer’s Speech to the Netherworld featured in Literary Contest

Port Estillyen Productions, publisher of Messages from Estillyen: A Novel of Redemption and Human Worth, has announced an essay contest on the characterization of Lucifer in modern literary form.
7-22 He survived a brutal father and the most violent cellblock at San Quentin

Beatings by his father put him in the hospital at a young age. “State-raised,” he was incarcerated intermittently from the seventh grade onward, until he reached the most dreaded cellblock at San Quentin.
7-22 EchoLight Studios’ Unique Distribution Plan is Attracting An Audience

Building off the momentum of the Thrive Conference in Granite Falls, California, Rick Santorum, Chairman and CEO of EchoLight Studios, a faith and family film studio and distributor, is working toward fulfilling his vision to premiere faith-base...
7-21 Facing fines, conversion, or death, Christian families flee Mosul

Just days after the militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria said they killed hundreds of Syrians, dozens of Iraqi Christian families have fled the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul, hoping to avoid a similar fate.
7-21 Chinese Pastor Shaojie Zhang Sentenced to 12 Years

Three members of a jailed Christian pastor's family have made an extraordinary escape from China to the United States with the help of an underground network of activists.
7-21 Support Grows for Petition to Canonize Mother Teresa

The number of supporters of the campaign for the canonization of Mother Teresa has reached more than 1,200, with signatories hailing from more than 40 countries.

7-24 She Met God on The Rooftop

When Muktananda sent his wife, Shanti, up to the terrace, he expected her to return freshened up for a visit with her relatives and neighbors—not making declarations about a new religion. Yet there she was, tears in her eyes, clutching a ...
7-22 Lights, Camera, JESUS! Evangelistic Film a Hit Among Maasai Villagers

Neither rain nor mosquitoes could dampen the spirits of a Kenyan ministry leader who recently witnessed the impact of the “JESUS” film in one Maasai community. Here is his report:
7-23 A test for India in Chhattisgarh
Located in north India s tribal belt, the Indian State of Chhattisgarh has long been a focus of Hindu nationalists determined effort to secure the allegiance of tribal Indians. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is the cultural wing of the Sangh...
7-23 How God Keeps Us On Our Toes
Christians ought to concede one of the arguments of scoffers. The Bible CAN BE, and sometimes IS, ambiguous. Not on matters of essential doctrine, of course. There enough unambiguous words from Jesus and the Apostles, for instance, about the way...
7-22 Chris Isaak Keeps On Singing: A Picture of Common Grace

Back in the mid to late 1980’s I was in a post-punk band that called San Jose, California home. We were signed to a small independent label based in the Bay Area. As is the case with any young band trying to hone their live performance chops, ...
7-22 Everyday Miracles Pay Homage to Divine Intervention

Moses parted the Red Sea. Peter healed a man born lame. Jesus calmed a raging storm, healed paralytics, and raised the dead. The Bible contains some incredible stories of miracles and divine interventions, but are these types of events still ...
7-20 Frida Festival and More: Why We Need Art

You either love her or hate her. The iconic Mexican artist—with her harrowing paintings of birth, blood, and self-portraits—has her own festival here in New Mexico.
7-19 Food Envy: Shelter Food Pictures Make Woman Upset

It was just a simple and routine post on our Joy Junction Facebook page, and a few other social media as well.
7-18 Behind-the-scenes: Arranging Billy Graham’s first historic visit to North Korea
The notoriously closed “hermit kingdom” of North Korea ran into a problem in the late 1980s. They wanted to teach the history of various religions at their foremost university, but because they had done everything humanly possible to destroy rel...
7-17 Something important happens every day
Daily, I glance at the large calendar on the wall that looks down on my writing area. Last month it reminded me of Father’s Day and my super father and father-in-law. Summer started on the 21st, days that may be hot and stormy.
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