9-21 Penang International Book Fair 2014, Malaysia

Penang International Book Fair was held from September 12 to 17 at SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Conference & Exhibition Centre), Penang, Malaysia.
9-21 On the Road in Moscow

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr and Executive Managing Editor Evelyn Baehr have just returned from Moscow, Russia, where they spoke at the International Forum, “Large Family and Future of Humanity.”
9-21 Canadian Christian group readies to adopt hygiene program for 509 preschoolers in their war-torn city in the Philippines

PLS (Progressive Learning Space) for Kids, a group of Christian Filipino-Canadian professionals has forged a partnership with the City Social Welfare Development Office (CSWDO) and Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation (PCWS) ...
9-21 Lawyers of Freed Christian Woman Meriam Ibrahim to Make Constitutional Challenge in Sudan
A human rights group says it has learned that the lawyers who represented Meriam Ibrahim, whose conviction for apostasy and adultery was overturned by the Appeal Court on June 23, are currently defending the case at the Supreme Court. They plan ...
9-20 Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim Speaks of Her Prison Ordeal for the First Time

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who faced a death sentence for refusing to convert to Islam, said she relied on her Christian faith throughout her ordeal.
9-19 Philippines: 1930s prophecy of American bringing Book of Eternal Life came true

One evening, in the years before World War II came to the Philippines, an older member of the Palawano people group named Erot, whose name meant “Guide,” gathered a group of young people around him and delivered a remarkable prophecy.
9-17 Dr. John Warwick Montgomery to Speak at Calvary Albuquerque

Internationally recognized lawyer, apologist, historian, and modern philosopher, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, will speak at Calvary Albuquerque and Calvary Nob Hill on October 13th-15th, 2014.
9-17 Peru: Terrorists killed their children in front of them

When they married, Jorgé and Maria dedicated their lives to serving God and raising their future children in a Christian home. Little did they know their faith would be severely tested by a terror group intent on stamping out their Christian witness.

9-17 Tent Churches Emerge in Iraqi Refugee Camps

Fatima, an Iraqi woman who fled atrocities committed by the Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS, was drawn to the sound of singing in a tent in a refugee camp in Dohuk, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. She approached cautiously.
9-21 Composer, John Michael Luther, Speaks About a Whirlwind-Life

When God spoke to Job out of a whirlwind (see Job 38:1), it was towards the end of the “advice” Job had received from his so-called-friends concerning his own life -- an endless harangue of words. God had to insert some words of His own into ...
9-20 Religion and Services for the Homeless. An Immoral Combination?

I was flabbergasted to hear about the head of a homeless agency who reportedly thinks it is “immoral” to mix religion with delivery of services to the homeless.
9-18 Why do college and professional athletes do stupid things?
Why is it, that college and professional athletes sometimes do stupid things? Too many succeed at making serious and costly mistakes.
9-18 Joni and Friends provides a week of fun for families living with disabilities

It’s a long drive from Colorado to Minnesota, but my life’s partner, Kelly, and I wouldn’t have missed the 2014 Joni and Friends Family Retreat. This was our third time at the retreat, and it’s always feels like coming home to family.
9-17 Saudi Arabia: duplicitous, cruel and paranoid
The House of Saud portrays itself as a champion of inter-faith dialogue and ally of the West. Yet behind the facade, this same regime sponsors, through its religious establishment, the global dissemination of virulent ...
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