12-21 Kenyan Pastor Fears His Life Is in Imminent Danger from Islamic Extremists

A pastor in Kenya of Somali descent whom Islamic extremist Al Shabaab militants have threatened for leaving Islam fears he soon could be killed.
12-21 Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights Claims Isis Executes Scores of Women for Refusing to Marry Militants
Iraq s Ministry of Human Rights is claiming that Isis militants have executed at least 150 women in the Western province of Al-Anbar, Turkish media has reported.
12-18 Leading The Way helps Yorkshire evangelist bring hope to the lost

Former drug addict Bruce Pearson is seeing his outreach to the some of most marginalized people in his community grow in a remarkable way, thanks to the impact of broadcast ministry, Leading The Way.
12-18 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association To Release New Documentary Film About Unbroken’s Louis Zamperini

Hot on the heels of the Universal Pictures’ movie ‘Unbroken’, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will release a new documentary film on Dec. 25 called ‘Louis Zamperini:Captured by Grace'.
12-18 'Exodus' movie: Founder of Movieguide defends depiction of God as 11-year-old in film

Some Christian movie-goers and film reviewers have criticized the Exodus movie’s choice to portray God as an 11-year-old boy, but one noted Christian movie critic defends the filmmakers on this point.
12-18 Great Commission milestone reachable by 2020, experts say

Today, there are 1,600 unreached ethnic groups, the U.S. Center for World Mission estimates. About 300 new people groups are being engaged by missionary workers each year for the first time, according to David Taylor, a leader at the U.S. Center.
12-18 Military Spokesman on Taliban Pakistani School Massacre: "Their Sole Purpose Was to Kill Those Kids"

Pakistani officials fending off Taliban gunmen, who stormed a military school in Peshawar Tuesday, say the gunmen’s sole purpose was to ‘kill innocent kids,’ according to a CBN News Staff report.

12-13 Unwavering Faith

Paavan grew up the son of a prominent religious leader. He knew very well the conditions of following his father’s lifestyle and knew what his parents had taught him.
12-13 Veteran Missionary to Africa Praises Dan Wooding’s New Book, ‘Mary, My Story from Bethlehem to Calvary’
Harvey Hoekstra, a veteran missionary to Africa and Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of Talking Bibles, has praised Dan Wooding’s latest Book, “Mary, My Story from Bethlehem to Calvary” (Tanswell Books).
12-21 A Place of Refuge in Davao
Inside Balay Dangpanan, the temporary home for indigenous people located on the grounds of the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao, the temperature for a non Filipino is beyond belief.
12-21 ’A Miracle in Moscow’ that brought me back into journalism and helped launch ANS

My meeting with Russian dissident, Alexander Ogorodnikov in Moscow back in 1992, was one that I will never forget, In fact, it brought tears to my eyes, something that was quite unusual for a seasoned hack like myself.
12-21 Pamela Christian announces release of second book in the ‘Faith to Live By’ book series

“Faith that moves mountains is something we can experience, if we understand how to wield effective faith,” says speaker and author, Pamela Christian. “Effective faith is not Word Faith theology where ...
12-21 Unbroken movie: hope, despair, redemption

When Louie Zamperini boarded a World War II bomber in late May, 1943, unforeseen dangers awaited the Olympic runner and war hero. He later said he d prefer suicide to repeating his castaway and POW ordeals.
12-20 A Matter of Faith

"...the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace"—Numbers 6:25-26 (NIV).
12-20 Has the Sydney Siege ruined our collective Christmas?
Last week, Sydney experienced a new form a terror, played out live on our television screens from a café in the heart of our city in Martin Place. It’s the centre of Sydney’s commercial district - opposite the Reserve Bank of Australia, across ...
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