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Jeff Holder, Still Helping Kids
By Dan Wooding, founder of ASSIST and ASSIST News Service HOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS -- March 30, 2015) – Jeff Holder has a passion to help kids. He's been an executive at ABC Kids Programs, VP of...
Crimea: Only One Percent of Religious Organizations Re-Registered
By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST and the ASSIST News Service SIMFEROPOL, CRIMEA (ANS – March 29, 2015) -- All 150 re-registration applications submitted to Crimea's Justice Department ahead...
Assyrian Christians flee jihadists to southeast Turkey
By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST and the ASSIST News Service SOUTHEAST TURKEY (ANS – March 29, 2015) -- State offensive begun in late February against Syria’s dwindling Assyrian...
Pastor in South Sudan Jailed, Lashed after Radical Muslims Threaten Him
By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST and the ASSIST News Service JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN (ANS – March 28, 2015) -- A Sudanese pastor in South Sudan was jailed and tortured for more than three months...
Documentary on Assyrian Villages in Syria Now Overrun By Islamic State
By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST and the ASSIST News Service SYRIA (ANS – March 28, 2015) -- On February 23, 2015, fighters from Islamic State, also known as ISIS, attacked the 35 Assyrian...

Dan Wooding introduces the ASSIST News Service:

ANS Features

  • The kidney donor who came to her Bible study
    The kidney donor who came to her Bible study By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (March 30, 2015) -- When Shance “Rudge” Rudgley went in for a routine wellness check he got some unsettling news. Blood tests revealed “dangerously high” creatinine levels, a sign of serious kidney problems. “They told him he needed to go to the hospital and he was there for 12 days,” says Tiffanie, his wife. “He was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and put on dialysis for one year.” Tiffanie and her husband are strong Christians and adapting to this health trial challenged their faith as never before. “My family and friends were devastated, confused, and heartbroken over my diagnosis,” Rudge says. Unfortunately, Tiffanie was the wrong blood type to donate a kidney to her husband.…
  • URGENT: Please Help Persecuted Christians
    URGENT: Please Help Persecuted Christians By Stuart Lachlan Bennett, Special to ASSIST News Service CHARLOTTE, NC (ANS – March 30, 2015) -- Dear Subscribers and Friends of ASSIST News Service: Did you know that ANS has a unique platform to draw world attention to the plight of persecuted Christians? ANS news stories go out to an extraoridnary numer of news and media outlets. While the list includes major Christian radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines, many international news providers such as UPI and Associated Press also use some of our ANS stories. It seems that countries we often hear mentioned in the news such as Iraq, Syria, North Korea and Nigeria aare actually countries where there is persecution. According to Open Doors, “100 million Christians in 60 countries are persecuted…
  • The Southwest Cormac McCarthy Tour (Please use this version)
    The Southwest Cormac McCarthy Tour (Please use this version) By Brian Nixon, Special to ASSIST News Service   SAN MARCOS, TEXAS (ANS – March 30, 2015) -- In Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer-winning novel The Road, a father and son leave on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world; the father trying to find wellbeing for his son, keeping him safe from hoards of human-eating people with only one bullet in his gun. It’s an amazing novel, really; one every father should read. It deserves the accolades bestowed upon it. In a moment of inspiration, I, too, decide to take journey with my son. No, I’m not fighting human-eating people, nor do I have a one-bullet gun. But I am doing it for my wellbeing; a type of intellectual voyage full of Cormac McCarthy and time with my…
  • The Man Who Talks with Boko Haram
    The Man Who Talks with Boko Haram By Michael Ireland, Senior Reporter, ASSIST News Service This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NIGERIA (ANS, March 30, 2015) -- A year ago April 14, Boko Haram kidnapped 275 girls from the government secondary school in the Christian-dominated town of Chibok, Borno State. Now, a year after the kidnaping of the Nigerian girls, Australian Stephen Davis still says his contacts indicate government complicity, according to World Watch Monitor (www.worldwatchmonitor.org). World Watch Monitor (WWM) says students reported to the Chibok Government Secondary Boarding School on Sunday, April 13, to take an exam on Tuesday morning, April 15, despite the fact that the government had closed schools across the state because it could not offer protection. At about 11pm armed Boko Haram insurgents broke into the school. They burned the administration block…
  • A.D. TV series: The Bible continues … in prime time
    A.D. TV series: The Bible continues … in prime time By Rusty Wright, Special to ASSIST News Service (ANS Movie Review) MOUNT HERMON, CA (ANS – March 30, 2015) – Hollywood's Bible Power Couple is back – with a flourish – this time on prime-time network television. They really take this spiritual stuff seriously.  In 2012, my wife and I attended a dinner in Washington, DC, where actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) announced that she and producer-husband Mark Burnett (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice) planned to devote the rest of their careers to creating works that honor God. They were heading to Morocco to film a series on the Bible for the History Channel.  After dinner, Burnett enthusiastically described his vision to present Jesus "as strong—powerful, impressive."  2013's The Bible series drew 100 million…
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