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Breaking News: Dan Wooding Reports From Heaven

by Jeff Thompson
Dan Wooding and Assist News

Dan, Pastor Garry Ansdell, and Jeff Thompson of Mercy Projects

Murrieta, CA (ANS) – “Dan Wooding Reports From Heaven” is the type of headline Dan would have liked.  However, on this one-year anniversary since his passing, it appears we must wait a little longer to get that report.

I always enjoyed my interviews with Dan and he would usually kick it off by saying something like, “Jeff, great to see you. Why on earth would you as a missionary get kicked out of Russia … twice?”

We would always talk about “bible smuggling” and he loved to hear those stories.  He would hold up my book, Leaving The American Sector, and make sure people knew how to get it.  Dan was not only a friend who loved to laugh and share stories, but he was also a fearless reporter.  He never hesitated, no matter the danger, to dig and get the real story.  But, that is how God created him.  In other words, once Dan got saved and started walking with the Lord, he simply used his skill, and his courage and passion, to report on the persecuted church and the kingdom of God.

That is what I loved about Dan Wooding.  He used his talent and gifts to serve the Lord.  He walked in faith.  He wrote 45 books including his life story From Tabloid To Truth.  From Moscow to Uganda, and Calcutta to North Korea, Dan was always willing to go find the story.  Very importantly, however, he was not an adventure seeker.  He sought to illuminate the stories of people who were serving the Lord.

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Dan Wooding and From Tabloid to Truth

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“Dan Wooding is not content to observe events from the sidelines. Instead, he has chosen to pursue the untold stories of the voiceless people… people around the world who are living out their faith without counting the cost. And more often than not, this has put Dan’s own life and liberty at risk as well.”   Pulitzer Prize winner Dallas Kinney

In Closing

We all desire to live a life of purpose and meaning.  We want our lives to count for something, for our families, and for those around us.  There are not many voices in the world today for those persecuted for their faith.  Dan, however, was one of those voices, and Assist News Service continues in his footsteps.

In memory of Dan Wooding and a life well-lived, we hope you will consider supporting Assist News to continue to be a voice for the persecuted.

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