Called to be Men: Part One


BILLINGS, MONTANA, UNITED STATES (ANS) — Surrounded by multiple conflicting voices in our Western society concerning manhood, how can we as men overcome our deep feelings of fear and inadequacy?

The frustration and pain we feel are real, and we need answers.  After decades of books and seminars touting the latest trends on being a better husband and father, both men and our wives need a voice of instruction that is ancient, tried and true.

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Called to be Men is not the ordinary “how to be a better man” book.  By drawing wisdom from a very ancient perspective, authors Pastor Steve Heimbichner and Pastor Deborah Munson provide a unique and refreshing look at modern manhood, marriage and family life.

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In this book, you will delve into Biblical instructions and traditions that pre-date our Western culture and gain a new look at manhood through the Hebrew roots of Christianity. The authors offer relevant, ancient instruction and hope for being a man that is surprisingly applicable in today’s confusing and chaotic times.

The insights and instructions found in this book will take you far beyond the usual Christian marriage study. Pastor Steve and Pastor Deb reveal highly effective principles and practical actions that empower today’s man to become a better husband and father.

Inside this book you will discover…

** The true Kingdom call of manhood: Courage, Honor, Integrity and Fidelity

** How to provide the ancient blessings of a husband and father to your family

** How to honor your parents, your spouse and children, and those you work with

**How to become the man your wife longs for

** How to become the good father your children will love and respect

** How to walk in responsible financial stewardship as the provider for your family

**How to embrace living in peace and abundance as God’s Man in His Kingdom

By revealing the Hebrew roots of being a true man, Called to be Men provides what men in our churches are longing for: Solid instruction on raising children God’s way, and clear guidance on His path for how to be a better man for her!

Pastor Deborah Munson

Pastor Deborah Munson is a writer and teacher on the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith and has been a missionary at Association of Christian Churches in Russia in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied at International Center of Torah Studies.

She is an Associate Pastor at Everlasting Covenant Congregation and  also manages Springs of Shiloh Ministries.

Munson told ASSIST News: “The book was actually born out of what was a 7-week teaching course that Pastor Steve developed a few years ago, specifically for men.

“My husband took the course and it really changed the dynamics of our relationship and marriage.  We finally understood our respective roles and how to better walk in unity and in support of each other,” she said.

“Steve asked me if I thought we should turn the course into a book. No hesitation on that one!  YES!  We were seeing men in our congregation who previously had no clear understanding of Biblical manhood profoundly change over a course of just a couple of months. Marriages were being saved. And the women – well, we loved the changes! Suddenly the guys were starting to lead, starting to take responsibility for home life and for the church. A great deal of unwanted stress and pressure on the wives began to lift off our shoulders.  We actually began to enjoy our marriages again!  Now that is indeed a God-thing!”

Pastor Munson said the key was found in stepping away from the Greek and Roman based culture that we live in and take a serious look at the ancient paths the Hebrew culture developed as they sought to fulfill the foundational principles and instructions God had given them at Mount Sinai.

“We had to adjust our thinking to that of our Hebrew Rabbi – our Messiah and King, Yeshua (Jesus) and choose to do what He did – speak and do only what the Father speaks and does. His desire is to deliver and restore our lives. When we follow His instruction our lives become abundantly blessed.”

Called to Be Men mission is now both the book and a nine-week course that can be done as a group study.  By this fall, Munson and Heimbichner will release the workbook and the audiobook. They also have the video series for the course underway.

Regarding the authors’ goals and aims for the book, Munson said: “We have a big dream, a big goal!  We want to restore our broken cultures and our crumbling American families. We have a catch all phrase in our congregation about this: We want to help families achieve shalom in the home!”

“Let’s face it,” said Munson, “Whether our society likes it or not, the traditional Biblical family structure remains the core foundation of a strong community and a strong nation.

“With the progressive God-less agenda, there is a full-fledge war against this structure. This very intentional war has been going on in the USA for a good 100 years now and the confusion and the vacuum that this is creating in our homes – even Christian homes – is alarming.   Both dads and moms are working, leaving the children robbed of much of the nurture and instruction God intended for them to receive from their parents.  Leadership roles in the marriage are confused, leaving the lives and minds of our children in chaos. Both husband and wife often look for help – but there are no concrete answers or direction being given to them…even from the church pulpit.  Men seem to experience this confusion and chaos very deeply. And they should! This battle over marriages and the home, as God established them, has left their very identities and their self-worth mauled to pieces. Women step in when the men step back.  Unwittingly we swallow the line that we can do it all…and we can…but we were not designed to carry the full weight. Neither are men!  We are meant to be teammates with defined roles and positions –like a winning football or baseball team!”

Munson said for the most part, our American culture is abandoning the Christian religion – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“God truly isn’t interested in our religious traditions and the theologies of me,” she said. “However in this abandonment, we have also lost our moral and life honoring foundation – something our Creator is adamant about and has woven from His heart into the essence of all of His Creation.  This loss is truly tragic. As long as our families remain confused, chaotic and prey to Godless destruction the futures of our children, our culture and our nation is in serious danger. What it boils down to is that we as God’s people are allowing our identity to be taken from us and have grown comfortable with the resulting chaos. There needs to be a return to the pure truth in God’s Word and simple Kingdom lifestyle found in God’s Ways – something that Yeshua (Jesus) taught constantly and exemplified consistently.   This is not only a crisis for men – it is a crisis for all of us. The good news is that it is in the power of our men to turn this all around!”

According to Munson, one of the unplanned and exciting things that the authors are seeing with Called to be Men is the powerful impact it is having in the lives of Native American men and their families.

“One of the greatest needs for these men is the restoration of honor, both within them as men and within the heart of their crushed tribal cultures.  Restoring honor is the heartbeat of Called to be Men. So far we have seen native men on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations here in Montana embrace the book and the nine week program.  Again, honor is being restored – and marriages that were in serious trouble are being saved.  Our native brothers and sisters are tribal, community-driven cultures – as is the Hebrew culture.  When presented in the Creator’s context of honor, courage, integrity and loyalty they quickly embrace the instructions God places before all of us. What was once a Christian religion suddenly becomes a Hebrew-based Biblical lifestyle that dignifies their own culture as Native Americans.  It has been amazing to witness!”

Simply put, Munson said the book “provides encouragement, hope, answers, instruction, and examples that apply to everyday life and to those monumental moments of manhood.

“Men don’t have to walk around clueless – and neither do their wives! I like to tell folks that Called to be Men provides exactly what God says to us through the prophet Jeremiah. ‘Thus says the LORD: “Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it: Then you find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16).  Called to be Men gives families the old paths where the good way is!

“The book provides instruction and understanding that is vital to restoring honor, courage, integrity and fidelity (deep-rooted loyalty) to men, their spouses and their children.  God’s desire is to see His people delivered from the chaos and confusion our culture is purposely creating in family life, and even in gender identity and roles.

Munson concluded: “We can find rest for our souls and establish peace in our homes if we are open to the truths found is His Word and will choose to walk in His ancient paths. His Ways are easy and His burden is light. Granted, it takes some doing to humble oneself, accept correction, then turn around and teach ourselves and our families to see and do things His way…but the results are phenomenal.

“We must always keep in mind that we have the indwelling presence of the Messiah (the Deliverer) through His Spirit…and that makes true miracle of restored lives and families possible!”

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