Chinese street evangelist hounded by authorities says prison is good place to spread gospel


By Yu Bing —

Chen Wensheng

Chinese street evangelist Chen Wensheng revealed that government authorities deceived and intimidated his Christian friends in an effort to get them to frame Chen. Unfortunately, some have come forward and falsely accused him of betraying Christians.

A member of Xiaoqun Church, Chen was a drug addict for over ten years before he came to faith in Christ. After he converted, he recovered from his drug addiction.

Chen became very passionate about sharing the good news. His ministry was very public as a street evangelist in China. Anywhere he went, Chen held up a cross with the words “Glorify the Savior” and “Repent and Trust to be Saved.”

Last year, the National Security Bureau confronted the Chinese street evangelist.

They accused him of preaching the gospel publicly more than a thousand times, an average of four to five times a month. For this reason, Chen has been detained many times, six times in 2021 alone.

Authorities threaten Chen’s family

Hengyang City State Security, the United Front Work Department, and other departments threatened Chen’s wife. They went to the school where his daughter-in-law works to intimidate her. Their warnings even extended to Chen’s granddaughter with officials claiming she would not be able to take the national civil service exam in the future. Chen’s response was simple: he would not give up the mission God gave him, and he was determined to preach the gospel – even if he was sent to prison.

Chen’s friends deceived by authorities

After intimidating his family, police and other organizations began interviewing several Christians in his circle. They used deception and other underhanded tactics to force false testimony against the street evangelist.

One Christian couple fell for their ploy and accused Chen of being a “Judas” to his face. Police told them that Chen sent the police to their home to arrest them. Chen responded that he had never been to their home and did not even know where the couple lived.

Chen Wensheng

According to another deceived Christian, Chen told the police that he had no part in organizing public evangelism. He blamed and accused the anonymous Christian of being the organizer and sole participant.

In response, Chen posted a personal statement on social media in June. “I solemnly promise before God that I will never betray any member I know or testify before the minions of the devil. Pray that God would grant the families strength and wisdom in the Lord and that they would not be deceived by the devil.”

One Christian friend realized he had been deceived after seeing Chen’s statement and asked for forgiveness.

Chen exhorted other Christians about answering police questions:

“We can learn to pray and imitate the Lord without saying a word. Secondly, we can learn from Paul and preach the gospel bravely. No matter what the police ask, we only reply: I only know that Jesus is Lord, who died and rose again for our sins, so that all who believe in Him may have eternal life. And we ask them to record it. This way, the public security will be able to hear the gospel, and it will also allow the leaders at the top to see the core content of the gospel when they look at the case file.”

Chen also expressed that if God were to send him to preach the gospel in prison, there would be a good result. The Chinese street evangelist believes prison is the best place to spread the gospel. Prison is where he became a Christian, after all.  — ChinaAid