Christians file war crimes complaint against Myanmar military


In a landmark move, five Christian victims of severe, ongoing persecution from the military dictatorship in Myanmar have filed a war crimes complaint in a Philippines court.  

The complaint names specific war crimes allegations the military junta has committed primarily in the Chin State, including destroying churches, murdering civilians, mutilating bodies, burning down houses and using humanitarian aid as a weapon of war. 

Since a 2021 coup, Myanmar’s military (also known as the Tatmadaw) has ruthlessly controlled power, cracking down on democratic protests, imprisoning elected officials and targeting Christians. The Chin State of Myanmar is more than 85% Christian and faces regular attacks from the Tatmadaw. Myanmar’s military attacked Thantlang, Chin State, two years ago and killed 250 locals with thousands of others fleeing to neighboring India. 

In a press release announcing this war crimes case, Salai Ling, one of five complainants said, “We are a Christian people whose Pastors are being murdered and whose churches and faith-based schools are being destroyed in a systematic campaign by junta forces. With this persecution of Myanmar’s Christians continuing, we pray that our brothers and sisters in the Philippines will hear our cry and grant us justice.”

This is an extremely unique humanitarian and legal case with Filipino lawyers filing this war crimes complaint about the ongoing violence against Christians in a separate nation-state. Persecuted Christians in Myanmar are clearly seeking help and justice from Filipino courts and from their Christian brethren around the world.  

International Christian Concern (ICC) will pray for, follow, and monitor this case closely in the coming weeks and months and offer support wherever possible.International Christian Concern