Dan Wooding Needs Our Prayers


Dan Wooding and George VerwerDan Wooding shared on the Assist News Facebook page today that he will be undergoing surgery for a tumor in his right lung. His message is as follows:

Dear Friends,

I went with Norma today to a local hospital to meet with a surgeon about the nodule (tumor) that has been growing in my right lung, and he suggested that I needed urgent surgery to remove it. So, I am due to have the operation at a Liverpool hospital next Wednesday, October 3, 2018. He said that he wasn’t 100 percent sure that it is cancer, but felt that it should be checked, and so he will initially take out a portion of the nodule during the surgery, get it rushed to a lab for checking, and if it is cancer, he’ll take out the full tumor and part of my lung. If it is clear, he will sew me up. The surgery should take about three hours, and I will then spend a week recovering in the hospital. Norma will be staying in Liverpool with my sister Ruth and her husband, Allen, and visit me each day. So please pray for the success of this surgery, and for a speedy recovery. I realize that this is a serious situation, but I am at peace about it all, and also know so many of you are praying about it, which is such a blessing for me.

We ask you to pray for our friend and founder of Assist News Dan Wooding, and his wife Norma. They have two sons both in the UK, Andrew and Peter, both involved in serving the Lord. Dan Wooding asks for all of our prayers at this time.