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by ANS Editor

Norma and Dan Wooding in HollywoodDan tells his own story in the book, From Tabloid To Truth, of working for a London tabloid investigating the sordid stories of the day before reaching the end of his rope at the bar in the “Stab in the Back” Pub. In response to Dan’s book, Pastor Rick Warren wrote: “Dan Wooding has lived one of the most amazing and exciting lives you could ever imagine. This is a book you won’t put down!”

That day in Dan’s life was the start of an international and often dangerous journey writing about the work of God and telling the stories of those suffering persecution around the globe. Unlike other journalists, however, Dan’s mission was not only to report on the issues of Christian persecution but to also work for their release.  The ASSIST news site exists to give access to stories that are of interest to Christians worldwide, and many of them would never be told without Dan Wooding’s help.  If you have a heart for missions and helping Christians around the world, please support Dan Wooding as a media missionary. Your support allows Dan and his team of writers to publicize the plight of the persecuted church.

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