Forty Christians kidnapped during worship service


Gunmen kidnapped 40 Christians on May 7th, during church worship in northern Nigeria.

(photo: International Christian Concern)

Reverend Joseph John Hayan, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna state, said the attack took place on Sunday when gunmen attacked worshippers during a service at Bege Baptist Church, in Madala village, in Chikun local government area, according to Reuters. 

Hayan added that 15 people escaped the same night of their kidnapping.  

“We have not heard any contact for ransom or anything from [the gunmen] concerning the remaining people, and we pray that the abductors would be merciful to release the remaining 25 back to their families,” Hayan said. 

Nigeria has dealt with significant internal violence for years at the hands of several entities, including Boko Haram, radicalized Islamic Fulani herdsmen, and localized gang violence. Tens of thousands have been killed or abducted by these groups, and hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced. Christians in Nigeria are especially vulnerable to this violence, which is largely religiously motivated and have suffered greatly over the last few years as the level of jihadism has risen in Nigeria. International Christian Concern