GFA Pastor Ministers to the Poor and Sick


WILLS POINT, Texas (ANS) — Poverty and illness had befallen Miba’s family, and they were at the end of their rope, says Gospel For Asia ( ) in a recent ministry update.

Miba’s husband had left her, despite her being pregnant with their second child. Miba’s brother, Seon, was disabled, suffering from damaged kidneys as result of a motorcycle accident. Talya, their mother, struggled mentally and emotionally; especially seeing her children suffer.

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A GFA-sponsored ministry worker in Asia

Seon’s illness had drained any funds they had left, leaving the family almost penniless. Miba and Seon’s younger brother had to find work, trying to provide for the struggling family.

The family needed something, anything to help them.

It was then that Miba came to the local church led by GFA-supported pastor Ezra. As the pastor listened to them share their struggles, he felt compassion. Here was a family that truly needed God’s love. Pastor Ezra then followed Miba to her home, where he met the rest of the family. The pastor shared how God can heal everything no matter the severity.

A Family Transformed

Pastor Ezra continued to visit Miba and her family, praying for healing and encouraging them from the Word of God.

Slowly, God’s love began to work in their hearts, transforming the family from the inside. Miba, Seon and Tayla started to pray along with the pastor, believing God would bring healing—and He did. Miba’s husband returned, Seon was completely healed, and the depression caging Tayla’s mind was shattered. A marriage repaired, a body healed and a mind restored because of God.

Rejoicing in their new faith, the entire family now attend services at the local church, worshiping the Lord and fellowshipping with the believers.

One ministry worker with GFA writes: “I grew up with my parents serving in GFA. I have heard countless stories of countless GFA-supported pastors and workers. Tales of healing, transformed hearts, God’s provision, and other similar stories. Here, at GFA, I am surrounded by ministry-minded brothers and sisters, whose sole goal is to help bring God’s love to those in need.

“I’ll admit, it’s difficult to remain continuously awed at what God is doing in Asia. My biggest threat—the greatest danger I face as a writer and a Christian—is the pitfall of indifference.

“It is my prayer, both for me and for us here in the West, that the Lord would refresh our mindsets into ones of joy when we are reminded of what He has done in the lives of millions. Miba’s testimony is one story of God’s love that has brought a refreshed and renewed my mentality.

“I thank God for workers like Pastor Ezra, who bring the love of God to those who so desperately need it. Their fire and passion for the Lord renews mine, and I hope it renews yours.”

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are Gospel for Asia stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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